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How to Use Bing for Tracking Corona Virus Cases Worldwide


The people all across the globe are under attack of the Corona Virus. The following blog post has instructions on how to track Corona Virus cases worldwide.

How to Use Bing for Tracking Corona Virus Cases Worldwide

Microsoft recently updated Bing with a new and handy web page that gives users real-time information about Corona Virus. The map available on the web page lets users zoom in on particular areas to know information related to Corona Virus, like Total Confirmed Cases, Total Recovered Cases, Total Deaths, related news, videos and even more.

What makes this web page special is that all the information available is in real-time and comes from reliable sources such as CDC, WHO, ECDC, and Wikipedia.

You can visit the Bing COVID Tracker web page to get updated in real-time. Apart from this, COVID 19 Tracker app for Windows 10 is also available for download on Microsoft Store.

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Do you use any other website to monitor the current situation and stay updated on the Coronavirus? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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