How to Hard Reset iPhone XR (Simple Steps)

    If you have an iPhone XR, there comes a time when it’s not working properly; it becomes unresponsive, frozen, touch is not working or even gets stuck in between an important task. In this situation, the best solution is to Hard Reset your iPhone XR.

    When you restart iPhone XR after doing a hard reset, it refreshes the device memory (in which all apps are installed and running) without deleting data. As a result, the device starts working normally. Doing a hard reset does not delete any of your iPhone XR, so you can perform this without backing up your data.

    How to Hard Reset iPhone XR

    If you were using an old iPhone with a home button and recently purchased iPhone XR, then it is possible that you don’t know how to force reboot iPhone XR, as it lacks a Home button. In older iPhones, the home button is used to perform a hard reset.

    How to Hard Reset iPhone XR

    So how to hard reset iPhone XR without Home button. The answer is, the company has replaced Home button with Side buttons in Apple’s X series lineup that includes; iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. Due to this reason, the company has changed the method to perform hard reset in iPhone XR and other devices that come with Side buttons.

    Just follow the given simple steps and you are done Hard resetting your iPhone XR. 

    You need to press and quickly release the Volume UP button.

    Now, do the same with the Volume Down button

    After that, press and hold the side button available on the right side of the iPhone XR. In case, slide to turn off device appear, ignore it.

    Keep pressing the side buttons, until you see the Apple Logo on the screen.

    Congratulations, you’ve successfully hard reset your iPhone XR. You can follow the same steps to hard reset iPhone with side buttons that includes iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max

    Don’t confuse yourself with terms like Force Reboot, Hard Reset, and Force Restart, as all do the same thing but people call it with different names.

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