How to In-Place Upgrade Or Repair Install Windows 11 Using ISO file

    If anything goes wrong with your Windows 11 and basic troubleshooting fails to fix the issue, then the only option you left with is to reinstall Windows 11. Although it has a caveat i.e. you will lose all the data you have on the installation disk.

    inplace upgrade windows 11

    In case, you don’t want to lose your data, then the best option is to perform an in-place upgrade or repair install Windows 11 using ISO Image.

    What is a Repair Install or In-Place Upgade?

    Repair Install or In-Place Upgrade lets you reinstall Windows without deleting your apps, files, and settings. Apart from that, it also fixes various issues and errors like:

    • When system is unable to update your device
    • Microsoft Store is unable to download apps or the latest updates.
    • When system is crashing mysteriously, become slow or frequently showing BSOD

    In-place or repair install has the highest success rate in fixing issues related to Windows 11 without losing data.

    Repair Install | In-Place Upgrade Windows 11 using an ISO file

    In this blog post, you will learn step-by-step instructions on how to perform repair install or in-place upgrade in Windows 11 using ISO image.

    But before that, you require the following things:

    • Need ISO Image of Windows 11. You can learn how to get Windows 11 ISO Image.
    • Take a backup of your files.
    • If you have done any custmization, like custom icons and fonts, then it will be removed.

    Process To Perform In-Place Upgrade

    Double-click on the Windows 11 ISO image to mount it

    Now select the Setup file in the bootable drive, and execute the setup. You can do so by double-clicking on the setup.

    Windows 11 Setup

    Windows 11 setup will now run on your PC. It will take some time to initialize. The first window you see will be about making your installation better. Check the checkbox stating I want to help make the installation better and then click on Next. 

    I want to help make the installation better in windows 11 setup

    Now the Windows 11 setup will begin checking for updates. This may take some time. Next, you will Applicable notices and license terms. Click on Accept to continue ahead with it.

    Terms Of Service windows 11 setup

    Now, on the next window, you will see what will be kept, and what version of Windows will be installed. If you want to change what to keep, then you can simply click on Change what to keep. 

    Choose What To Keep option windows 11 setup

    By default, all the personal files and apps will be selected, which means no changes will be made to files and your apps.

    However, if you want to keep only your files and not the app, or you want to remove everything, then simply, click on Change what to keep and select the option as per your preference. After selecting the option, click on Next. 

    Install Windows 11

    Now click on Install to start installing Windows 11. The setup will now repair install Windows 11, and none of your files will be deleted.  

    This might take a few minutes in windows 11 installation

    Your PC may restart a few times during the process. After the process is completed, your PC will implement some final touches, and you will be headed to the login screen. Log in with your PIN or password, and you will have successfully perform the in-place upgrade in Windows 11.

    This is how you can in-place upgrade or repair install Windows 11. In case, if this method also fails to fix the issue, then the last option is to reinstall Windows 11.

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