Microsoft Edge let you disable Alt+Tab Experience in Windows 10

    Starting with Edge v89.0.736.0, Microsoft makes it possible for the users to disable the Alt + Tab experience in Windows 10. Let’s learn how to take advantage of this feature.

    If you don’t know starting with Windows 10 Build 20161, the company updated Windows 10 Alt + Tab experience and allow users to switch between apps and Edge tabs. There’s a setting in Windows 10 from where users can manage a number of tabs to appear in the ALT + Tab window.

    windows alt tab

    On Windows 10 if you go to Settings > System > Multitasking > Alt+ Tabs. You will find these options:

    • Open windows and all tabs in Edge
    • Open Windows and most recent tabs in Edge
    • Open Windows and 3 most recent tabs in Edge
    • Open Windows only

    Although, the feature is available in pre-release builds and still in the developing phase. Some users reported various bugs related to the Alt + Tab experience and suggested the company to provide users the option to disable this in the Edge browser.

    Disable Edge tabs in Windows 10 Alt+Tab in Edge browser

    Whatever is the reason your reason behind disabling Edge tabs in Windows 10 Alt+Tab in Edge browser. Here’s how you can do that:

    Make sure, you’re running latest version of Microsoft Edge in Canary channel.

    Next, you need to visit this flag address: edge://flags/#edge-window-tab-manager and using the “Browser tab experiences in Windows” drop-down, change settings from Default to Disabled.

    microsoft edge tab experience in windows

    Click Restart button to apply the changes.

    Doing this will stop the Edge browser tab to appear as separate windows in Alt + Tab manager in windows 10. Maybe in the future, Microsoft added settings in Edge browser to manage Tab manager.

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