Now you can add Outlook Desktop to Windows 10 Share menu and share content via Outlook

    Windows 10 Mail app is the default email client, but the users are not a great fan of this app as it is quite buggy and comes with limited capabilities. Also, if you use Windows 10 Share dialog to share information with your friends, the Mail app appears in the Share dialog box, even when you have installed the Desktop Outlook on your computer.

    Now there are lots of users who want to add Desktop Outlook to Windows 10 Share dialog box so that instead of using Mail app, they can share content using the Desktop Outlook.

    Previously, it was not possible, but starting today Microsoft has published a new app “Microsoft Office Outlook Desktop Integration” on Microsoft Digital Store which probably going to make that thing happen.

    Add Outlook Desktop to Windows 10 Share menu

    Microsoft Office Outlook Desktop Integration app enables sharing from Windows app to Outlook. Once you install the app on your device from Microsoft Store, the Outlook Desktop entry will start appearing in the Windows 10 Share dialog box.

    How Outlook Desktop Works

    Suppose you want to share the Microsoft Office Outlook Desktop Integration app Store page link with your friends via Outlook so that they can also download and install the app.

    All you need to do is to click on the Share icon, which is available right below the name of the app to launch the Share dialog box.

    This time, you will also find Outlook Desktop entry in the Share dialog box, click on it, and your content will appear in a new email message. You can check the following screenshot for a clear idea:

    add outlook desktop

    Unfortunately, the download option is not available. However, you can click on the following link to visit the Microsoft Store.

    Microsoft Office Outlook Desktop Integration

    What are your thoughts about this app from Microsoft? Find it interesting, we would like to hear from you in the comments.

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