RuneScape 3 Guide: Killing the Queen Black Dragon

    There are few bosses in RuneScape 3 that give more rewards than the Queen Black Dragon, killing her will give you 4,130,000 RS gold coins per hour on average assuming you kill 28 of them per hour. The profit might be a little less or more depending on how fast you are at killing the dragon and it’s easy to trade it into actual cash through the Eldorado marketplace.

    RuneScape 3 guide: Killing the Queen Black Dragon

    The Queen Black Dragon has four phases for you to battle through.

    Phase One

    During this phase she attacks with melee, ranged and dragonfire which is capable of hitting at 700 or higher. There is also a special fire wall attack she uses where you must pass through the gap to avoid taking damage. You need to bring her down to zero health where she will then start to cough up level 105 giant grotworms and to stop this, rush to the dragonkin artefact in the centre of the platform and touch it.

    Phase Two

    Queen Black Dragon will summon a level 137 tortured soul to attack which unfortunately have an attack that can dal around 1000 with every hit before attacking with melee as well. So, kill the tortured souls first then attack the Queen Black Dragon. Once her health has reached zero, you are one step closer to kill the Queen Black Dragon! She will start to cough up the worms again so run to the left side of the chamber to where the dragonkin artefact now is.

    If you run through them, you may be able to get them accidentally hit the tortured soul instead of you. In phase four, they can actually kill an enemy four you in one hit if you become good at tricking them.

    Phase Three

    This is identical to the last phase. However, she will summon two tortured souls instead. Killing the Queen Black Dragon means you need to run to the artefact on the right side as fast as possible to prevent more worms from spawning.

    Phase Four

    The final phase is the most dangerous in this boss fight. She will summon four tortured souls this time which will spawn around you and failing to move will mean you take at least 4000 damage. She also has some other new abilities also including a stronger fire breath and Time Stop also. This phase has a new camera screen as well, it moves like you are playing as the Queen Black Dragon which is distracting and many players do not notice a soul teleport in one of the corners of the room. Even once you have brought her health down to zero, watch to make sure she isn’t using any moves!

    What’s the best method for killing the Black Queen Dragon?

    In reality, the best method for killing RuneScape 3 boss Black Queen Dragon is ranged with dragonbane ammunition. It’s the most consistent for damage and keeps you safe from all the monsters she will spawn to defend herself. However, one of the quickest is actually using Magic with the T90 weaponry and be sure to bring the Black Dragon task with Mighty Slayer Helmet, Ice Nihil, Supreme Runic Accuracy, and Dragon Slayer Gloves. If for some reason you want a harder fight… just go full melee.

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