Mozilla added Refresh button in Firefox Uninstall Wizard (Nightly V78)

Refresh Firefox from Firefox Uninstall Wizard

It is now possible to Refresh Firefox browser from Uninstall Wizard. Let’s learn more about it. Firefox Refresh feature restores the browser to default state while protecting your important information. It reset the browser preferences by removing various customization which includes themes and extensions. According to Mozilla, most of the issues related to the Firefox

How to Enable AVIF Support in Firefox v77

How to Enable AVIF support in Firefox v77

While Google is still working on bring AVIF support to Chrome browser, Mozilla has added a support for AVIF in Firefox browser. Let’s learn how to enable it. Netflix is looking for JPEG alternative that has better compression efficiently, widely supported, and has wide set of features. To get one they start developing AVIF with

How to Disable Default Browser Agent in Firefox v75

How to Disable Default Browser Agent in Firefox v75

The following blog post is about What is Firefox Default Browser Agent and how to disable it? Starting with Firefox v75, the company will run a new scheduled task on Windows called “Default Browser Agent”, its purpose is to gather information about default browser settings in user’s operating system. According to Mozilla, the purpose of

How to Disable Detachable Tabs in Firefox 74 or Above

How to Disable Detachable Tabs in Mozilla Firefox

The following blog post has a quick workaround on how to disable detachable tabs in Mozilla Firefox. Starting with Firefox 74, the company added an ability to Firefox browser using which users can easily disable detachable tabs feature. Those who don’t know, the same feature let users create new windows by simply dragging and dropping