The Future of IT Outsourcing: 6 Trends for 2021

    IT has knitted the Global web in the best ever possible way especially in 2021. The expansion of Information Technology along with digitalization brought us faster, smarter, better and cheaper services. 24.5% of all businesses are going to amplify outsourcing efforts or outsource for the first time in 2021.

    future of outsourcing

    In this blog post, we’re going to discuss some of the trends that will improve the contours of IT industry in upcoming in 2021 and upcoming years

    1. No language barriers concerns

    Schools and colleges teach English. It’s the global language of business, so with 80% of developers speaking English, you don’t need to be concerned about communicating when talk about IT outsourcing. 85% of tech workers report having an intermediate or higher level of English proficiency.

    2. To Utilize Time Zone Differences:

    In today’s scenario time zone is a bit big issue. So Time-zone difference can be used to get round-the-clock work. And the time overlapping can be utilized for project discussion. This means that the project would be completed quicker. You have teams working on your development work round-the-clock. This is also a cost effective.

    3. To Utilize Time Zone Differences:

    IT outsourcing focus on the customer’s ability to exchange data effectively with the provider and to take back responsibility for the service upon an expiration or termination. A common approach, for example, is to designate the type of RPA software used to create “bots” to automate repetitive tasks. That allows the customer to take back responsibility for a function by getting a copy of the RPA scripts and licensing the RPA software.

    4. Perfect Location

    Location is also is in trend these days for IT Outsourcing, in terms of business as well as travel & natural climate. For example, In Ukraine, there are no natural disasters such as hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, etc. also EU country’s time zone match with Ukraine’s convenience for Europe, and working hours are the same.

    Apart from that, Ukraine graduates 36,000 new technical and IT specialist in a year, over 110 R&D centers for multiple tech giants, outsourcing is cost-effective, Strong work ethic, vibrant tech community and even more

    All these reasons, answer a question, why IT outsourcing to Ukraine benefits so many companies worldwide.

    5. A strong startup community

    Starting a business is easier now than ever. As a result, there are over 4,200 startups in the country, with $258 million raised in 2017 and steady growth from VCs and angel investors ever since. Startups are a vital part of the developer community and this is recognized as a positive for those outsourcing IT.

    So these types of factors also important and is in trend to hire IT Outsource , so that within short time you can meet with the customer face to face.

    6. A managed and Skilled IT Team

    One of the most widely cited reasons for outsourcing IT functions, according to one survey, is to free up resources to focus on core business. 49% of respondents from the survey link above gave this reason as their primary motivation to explore and commit to managed IT services.

    As I mentioned earlier, you already have a lot to handle as a small business operator without juggling IT tasks. Time spent troubleshooting network issues or calling your “IT guy” for help is time spent away from critical activities related to your company’s growth. 

    Partnering with an outsourced IT provider, like AIS, helps you sidestep many of these frustrating issues and focus on your core competencies and day-to-day tasks.

    IT outsourcing is the practice of hiring resources outside of an organization to handle certain information technology functions. Companies often outsource data storage because it is cheaper to contract a third party than to buy and maintain their own data storage devices and facilities

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