Microsoft Edge gets Project Robin feature

    Microsoft keeps testing a new feature in the canary channel before adding it to the stable version. Starting with Edge Canary build 91.0.855.0, the company added a mysterious feature called Project Robin.

    The feature is available behind the flags and its description reads “If enabled, Project Robin features are enabled.” The information is insufficient to tell what Project Robin is about. According to a thread created by HotCakeX on the Microsoft Tech community explains that

    Project Robin is a way to show Windows Defender Application Guard windows as tabs, next to other regular tabs. because right now, when you open a new WDAG window, it has its own protected window, backed up by the Windows Defender engine. this Project Robin might be a way to bring the 2 environments together in the same window

    Still, its to latest to tell what is the purpose of adding Project Robin in Edge browser and how it will work.

    Enable and Use Project Robin in Microsoft Edge

    In case, you want to give it a try, then here’s how you can enable Project Robin feature in Microsoft Edge browser and how to use it:

    Launch Microsoft Edge Canary and then copy-paste this: edge://flags/#edge-robin flag address in addressbar and hit enter.

    Project Robin flag in microsoft edge

    Using the Project Robin drop-down, change the settings from Default to Enabled.

    Click on the Restart button to apply the changes.

    After doing this, if you launch Microsoft Edge and then click on Ellipse (…) icon, you will find new entry in menu called New Robin Tab.

    New Robin Tab entry in Edge menu

    When you click to open New Robin Tab then, it takes you to:

    And then take you to Microsoft login page and show you message “You cannot access this right now”.

    That’s all about Project Robin feature in Microsoft Edge. We would like to know your opinion about what you think about Project Robin feature? Comment section is all yours.

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