5 Useful Online Services for Students

    We now live in a world where technology has spread its root everywhere, and maybe we should be grateful for it, as much as technology has stirred up a lot of controversial side stories. The fact remains that it has blessed us in ways people of former ages could only have dreamt of. It has positively enriched many parts of our lives— business, religion, transportation, farming, cooking, education, and many more. And yes, in every area of our lives, people blame technology for at least one negative impact — it is the same with every good thing man has discovered since the day we discovered fire.

    4 Useful Online Services for Students

    With education, people say technology has made a lot of students lazy to study, due to the uprising of mobile phones. With all of that, technology still brings a number of advantages to students who have mobile phones — and this far outweighs all of the negativity.

    Useful Online Services for Students

    In this article, we choose to smile at the bright side. We are going to show you how technology benefits our students, through useful online services that they can use to learn from the comfort of their homes.

    1. Purdue Owl

    Purdue Owl, commonly referred to as Owl, is an amazing site that will serve you well if you’re seeking various academic styles to cite your sources. Purdue Writing Lab is a free writing web service that students from any part of the world can take advantage of. Purdue Owl does not just leave you with its amazing platform, it comes with an instructional material that details how to format papers in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles.

    Purdue Owl will show you how to format quotations, create footnotes and endnotes, and how to cite periodicals, books, electronic sources and other common sources.

    Purdue Owl also provides samples for you in case you want to create research papers in style or essay and you’re not familiar with the process.

    2. Grammarly

    Grammarly has been a blessing to every college student who has had an essay or an English project which they need to write. It helps to solve any grammar and spelling error that might arise in the course of writing it, and story writers also find Grammarly to be a very useful tool. The need for proper grammar is very vital and the lack of it can be a big writing project.

    It is a website that helps to proofread your writing while helping you improve it. For easy access, you can simply install it in your web browser as an add-on. The best part about Grammarly is, it doesn’t just help to correct your errors, it also teaches you how to make your grammar better.

    3. Homeworkmarket

    This is where you go to get quick and precise answers to all those difficult school homework questions. There is a list of tutors waiting and ready to assist you with your questions. All you have to do is post the question and select a tutor of your choice who will help you finish the homework. It’s as easy as it sounds. Homeworkmarket also creates a platform for people seeking an opportunity to become tutors.

    4. StudyDriver

    StudyDriver is a lifesaver. Everyone who has used it says so. It is the best place to go when you’re seeking a writer to help you write an essay for school. There is a constellation of writers on StudyDriver you can use for any writing project, regardless of the topic. Their delivery time is very quick. You can get an essay written and delivered to you in a day.

    StudyDriver also helps you write your essays by offering you samples you can learn from and use to build your own essays.

    Besides helping you write amazing free essays online, StudyDriver also provides you with a plagiarism checker, so that you can see that the essays supplied to you are 100% original. It also has a citation builder and a title generator, which can help you get titles for your essays. You can never go wrong with StudyDriver.

    5)      Google Translate

    Google Translate is where you go when you need a quick translation, with over 100 languages to make your life easier. As a student, you can find this online platform very useful. You can utilize it in your science projects, or home works, and you need to translate something from one particular language to English.

    It can also prove very useful when you are working on language homework. Spanish, French, or any language your tongue might not be familiar with.

    It is important to note that Google Translate is not always 100% accurate, or it is a machine translator, and there is none that is 100% accurate.

    The five online platforms you just read about are only a few of the vast opportunities the internet presents you with. There is a whole new world which you can access with a mobile phone or a computer. And as a student, perhaps you should count yourself lucky for having been born at an age where learning has never been easier.

    Even a platform as common as YouTube provides you with so many, maybe too many, free courses you can acquire if you have enough data. You can learn almost everything on YouTube, and every subject or topic you might be faced within school. New videos get uploaded every day, ready to teach you new things every day. You just have to take advantage of it.

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