Fix – Windows 10 KB4559309 Edge Update make your PC slower

    Some users reporting that after installing Windows 10 KB4559309 update, their PC performance has dropped. Let’s learn what causing the issue and how to fix it.

    Fix - Windows 10 KB4559309 Edge Update make your PC slower

    Microsoft recently rolled out Windows 10 KB4559309 Update, also known as Microsoft Edge update for Windows 10. With this update, the company started replacing Edge legacy with Edge Chromium without user intervention.

    Not only, Windows 10 users are not happy with this behavior of Microsoft but they’re also reporting that their system performance also dropped after installing this update.

    One users on Microsoft Answer reported that

    Since then my computer performance has absolutely tanked. my startup time is probably triple, loading any window has a few second delay.

    Another user reported that

    my computer is extremely slow and my external hard drive will not work. I click on something and several seconds to a minute goes by before anythinng happens. I tried to close apps using The Task Manager and got a black screen that i couldnt get out of unless I did a hard reset. I tried to uninstall kb4559309 but Windows does not allow the uninstall option. I appreciate any help to fix this. 

    The worst thing about this update is that you can’t uninstall it and various attempts will take you nowhere by giving error message “Update is required and cannot be uninstalled

    Fix – Windows 10 KB4559309 Edge Update make your PC slower

    It is possible that, if you’re reading this blog post, then chances are you also facing the same issue. To deal with this situation all you need to do is to restore the previous version of Windows 10 or use System Restore feature.

    In case, you haven’t installed KB4559309, then you can block the update by using Microsoft Edge Blocker Toolkit, download Microsoft Edge Chromium, and use the registry tweak method.

    Launch Registry Editor and then visit this address this key: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft

    Here, you need to right-click on the Microsoft key and then select New > Key and name it EdgeUpdate.

    Next, you need to create a 32-Bit DWORD value. For that, on the right pane, Right-click from the context menu select New > DWORD (32-bit) value and name it DoNotUpdateToEdgeWithChromium


    Double-click on the value and set its Value data 1, click OK.

    Close everything and Reboot your computer.

    After doing this, Microsoft will not force you to download Windows 10 Edge update on your device.

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