How to Move Windows 10 Taskbar icons to Center

    There is a new application published on the Microsoft Store that automatically moves all the icons of pinned apps in Windows 10 Taskbar.

    taskbar icon in center

    Windows 10 comes with lots of handy features, but still, it lacks lots of features and one out of them is the possibility of moving the icons of pinned apps and programs to the center of the taskbar. Lots of users are already requesting the same feature.

    The steps to do the same thing manually or third-party programs to get the icons in the center of the Windows 10 taskbar offer unsatisfactory results or sometimes create problems and malfunctions the operating system shell.

    TaskbarX for Windows 10

    TaskbarX earlier known as FalxonX (when in beta) is a simple tool that has the ability to move pinned apps icons to center of the Windows 10 Taskbar. It doesn’t matter if the taskbar is locked or not. All the icons will move to center automatically, once the application is enabled. The application is developed by Chris Andriessen.

    What makes this TaskbarX different from third-party programs is that it won’t affect the operating system shell.

    Center Windows 10 Taskbar icon using TaskbarX

    Download Taskbar X from Microsoft Store either by searching the app or using the link at the end of the post.

    To start the app, click on the Start button and scroll down until you find TaskbarX app and click to open it.

    Now wait for few seconds, and all the icon in the Windows 10 taskbar will be moved to the center of the taskbar.

    How to Automatically Move Windows 10 Taskbar icons to Center using TaskbarX

    Apart from TaskbarX app it also has Taskbar Configurator app that give you full control to manage the app the way you want. In the app, you can manage

    • Styles which includes Default, Transparent, Blur, and Acrylic.
    • Set Animation Style, Animation Style OnBattery and Animation speed.
    • Custom position for icon
    • TaskSchedule with some extra settings

    In the FalconX, there was not option to stop the app and users have to uninstall the app, but in Taskbar Configurator there’s option to Stop the app.

    Download Taskbar for Windows 10 from Microsoft Store

    You can also check YouTube tutorial on how to use TaskbarX to center taskbar icon:

    Find this TaskbarX app handy? We would like to hear from you in the comments.

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