10 Best Overclocking Softwares for Higher CPU & GPU Clock Rate

    The nominal operating clock rate is rarely close to the maximum performance of the CPU and GPU.

    Manufacturers always reserve some performance; if you are dissatisfied with the clock rate of your processor and want more, you can overclock it.

    But before you go any further, you should be aware of…

    Is it Safe to Overclock the Processor?

    Modern CPU components are designed with safeguards in place to prevent the device from being easily destroyed.

    Most overclocking software safeguards users against causing damage to their systems by using incorrect settings.

    However, excess of anything is bad, and the same holds for overclocking.
    Unrestricted overclocking may be harmful in rare cases.

    Furthermore, if you have no experience with overclocking, you will run into several problems.

    Best Overclocking Software for CPU & GPU Processor

    We’ve listed ten of the best software tools for getting the most out of your processor’s clock rate.

    Some of these tools were created by the manufacturer for their hardware users, while others were created by a third party.

    However, all of them are packed with features such as managing the clock speed, fan speed, and keeping track of the processor performance.

    I believe you get the idea, so without further ado, let us move on to our list of the best overclocking software.

    1. Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel XTU)

    Intel Extreme Tuning Utility Intel XTU

    For Intel’s most recent CPUs, they have developed XTU software for overclocking, performance tuning, and performance monitoring.

    Owners of Intel CPUs can use this program to overclock and monitor their PCs utilizing the performance tweaking software’s features.

    The application makes use of a range of features shared by overclocking and performance tweaking tools, as well as features unique to particular Intel devices, such as Intel Motherboards and Intel Application Processors.

    2. EVGA Precision X 16

    evga precision x 16

    The Precision X 16 is the latest addition to EVGA’s long series of high-performance GPU overclocking software.

    As a result, it not only builds on a lengthy history of tried-and-true overclocking software, but it also comes from reputable software developers known for developing cutting-edge software.

    Precision X 16 is no different. It is designed for fine-tuning graphics cards with GPU, Voltage, and Memory controls. Support for the Microsoft DirectX 12 API is also included in the software.

    Custom fan carving and control, an OSD interface with RGB color support, custom system profiling with up to ten profiles accessible through hotkeys, and Pixel Clock Overclocking are all significant features.

    3. CPU Tweaker 2.0

    CPU Tweaker 2.0 is a straightforward CPU adjusting application. Despite its diminutive size, it packs a powerful punch in terms of speed optimization and processor performance boost.

    The tool allows users to fine-tune the memory timing on CPUs with an Integrated Memory Controller. It also supports VDimm and VCore, as well as a performance monitoring user interface.

    It is critical to keep in mind that, while the tool is powerful, it is also tough to learn. It is not meant for those who are new to CPU overclocking and performance tuning.

    4. AMD Overdrive

    amd ryzen

    The software offers a comprehensive approach to overclocking computers, allowing you to overclock and fine-tune your CPU and memory.

    To assist you to improve DDR3 performance, the software contains pre-tuned RAM overclocking settings and memory profiles.

    In contrast, based on your system’s CPU overclocking capacity, the software includes an automatic overclocking and clock adjustment tool.

    The software allows users to track the voltage, memory timing, and memory clock performance in real-time. You also get automatic stability checks and control running to ensure your system’s overall stability.

    5. MSI Afterburner

    msi afterburner

    Due to the obvious countless features it provides, the MSI Afterburner is a popular GPU overclocking tool among overclocking enthusiasts.

    It provides a detailed report about the hardware. It is backward compatible with the great majority of graphics cards currently on the market.

    Furthermore, with a user-friendly UX design, this free overclocking application gives users complete control over their graphics cards.

    The user interface also shows real-time clock speed, temperature, voltage, and GPU utilization information. Another remarkable feature is the distinct fan profile, which allows you to establish the perfect balance of heat and performance.

    6. Memset


    MemSet 4.1 appears to be a small piece of system modifying software that concentrates solely on memory management. Using the program, memory timing can be modified to optimize system performance and fine-tuned to your specific needs and applications.

    This free memory tweaker is not the easiest to use, despite its capability. To get the most out of this software, you must be an expert in system optimization and overclocking.

    7. AMD Ryzen Master


    The AMD Ryzen Master is overclocking and performance software designed specifically for AMD Hardware and products.

    AMD product owners can use this software to fine-tune the performance of their AMD CPUs, GPUs, and memory because all AMD CPUs and GPUs are multipliers enabled by default.

    This tool allows you to build up to four unique profiles if you want to customize performance for different apps.

    This feature is available with their RadeonTM Vega graphics, RyzenTM CPU, and any DDR4 RAM. To suit the intended application, users can modify the memory timings, graphics frequency, and core optimization within each profile.

    In terms of overclocking, the software enables users to increase performance by overclocking AMD CPU cores and RAM.

    Finally, the application has a status-monitoring tool that provides you with a real-time status report on your system and performance. For example, the reporting feature provides information on each core’s clock rate, temperatures, and much more.

    8. ASUS GPU Tweak II

    asus gpu tweak dashboard

    ASUS GPU Tweak II is an ASUS high-end graphics card optimization application. The program features a variety of performance modes, such as overclocking, gaming, and silent mode for speedy optimization.

    The program also allows users to preserve their customized profiles.

    As a result, overclockers can create custom profiles by modifying numerous hardware components such as RAM frequency, GPU voltage, GPU boost clock, power target, fan speed, and many others.

    For the premium price of the software, you also have the option to turn off Windows programs and services automatically and manually, turn off Windows visual effects (thereby increasing efficiency), and defragment your RAM.

    9. Nvidia Profile Inspector


    The 129 KB software is a compact free utility app that provides all of the essential features for GPU users to monitor their Nvidia GPUs’ performance.

    Users can track the performance of their GPUs and fans, as well as manage their GPU overclocking and fan speed, using the three tabs.

    The app recognizes your graphics card and creates an in-depth profile of your GPU and its current setup automatically. The GPU frequencies can be customized to meet the needs of the user. Users can also control the fan speed or opt for the automatic option.

    10. Riva Tuner

    The Riva Tuner is OpenGL/Direct3D NVIDIA GPU fine-tuning program that allows you to fine-tune systems and create profiles for the various applications you use.

    Low-level hardware access is also provided by the software for more efficient system profiling.

    To maintain the performance of your system, the tool has real-time hardware features and functionality. The patch script engine and built-in registry editor, however, distinguish this NVIDIA GPU performance-tuning and overclocking software.

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