10 Best Apps for Drivers – 2019 (Android and iOS)

    In the following blog post, you will find out the list of the best car apps for drivers for both Android and ios

    best car apps for drivers - best driver apps

    Whether you’re an avid driver who just wants a cheaper auto insurance premium or a professional who needs a fast, up-to-date mapping, you’ll find the following smartphone apps incredibly useful. All the apps are created for a safer and smoother driving experience.  

    Best Car Apps for Drivers

    In this blog post, we’re going to cover top 10 apps dedicated to car driver:

    1. GasBuddy

    You’ve run out of gas and money at the same time? As long as you have one of these apps on your phone, that’s fine.

    With 110,000 gas stations across the US in their database, GasBuddy makes it easy to find the nearest and cheapest fuel stop. And since GasBuddy is currently available for the US market and iPhone only, you can seek an alternative in, a UK version with iOS and Android apps.

    DownloadAndroid | iOS

    2. Openbay

    Finding a great car maintenance service provider can be exhausting. When you’re in need of quick car maintenance tips while on the go, Openbay will help you find the nearest, cheapest, and highest-rated mechanics that offer top-notch services at a reasonable price.

    DownloadAndroid | iOS

    3. CompareChecker Car Insurance

    When you’re in need of cheapest motor insurance while on the go CompareChecker Car Insurance will help you in getting the best price and cover from various comparisons sites just by making a single click. The app keeps your complete information in one place

    DownloadAndroid | iOS

    4. Parkopedia

    These car parking apps make a great combo.

    If you hate shady parking lots, you’re not alone. Use Parkopedia to discover the best and most trustworthy places to park wherever you are. And if you have a habit of forgetting where you’ve parked, apps like Find My Car will help you locate your car on overcrowded parking lots.

    Download ParkopediaAndroid | iOS

    Download Find My CarAndroid | iOS

    5. Waze

    Waze is an award-winning app for drivers that uses your smartphone camera to monitor all traffic movements around you and on the road ahead. It also notifies you in real-time about potential on-road hazards and lane departures, as well as weather conditions and traffic jams.

    DownloadAndroid | iOS

    6. Google Maps or Apple Maps

    Whether you’re a driver or not, the navigation app is the essential one.

    Apple Maps comes preinstalled in the iOS device, while Google Maps comes pre-installed on Android devices. So use the apps depending on whether you’re using Android and iOS device. You’ll always need an accurate GPS app to help you find your way around, and there’s a reason these two are the most popular in their respective app stores.

    In case, you want to download Google Maps on your iOS device, then you can download it from here.

    7. Smart Dash Cam

    Because it’s always a smart idea to keep two sets of eyes on the road while driving, dash cams have become a popular choice of many responsible drivers. And since this smart gadget can be costly, apps like Smart Dash Cam will turn your phone cam into one for free. You can also use Drivermatics Blackbox Dash Cam as an alternate option.

    It’s safe, convenient, and budget-friendly.

    DownloadAndroid | iOS

    8. Use VPN for Smart Cars – NordVPN

    Connected cars are everywhere these days.

    If you drive a smart car that is connected to the internet via a dedicated smartphone app, it’s very important that you use one of the best VPN apps to keep both your phone and your car protected from hackers and cyber attacks. There are reliable VPN apps for both iOS and Android.

    You can try NordVPN, it offers private and secure internet access which in result helps in protecting your car and phone from cyber threats.

    DownloadAndroid | iOS

    9. MileIQ

    This is an excellent addition to a frugal driver’s kit.

    If your job allows you to write off your travel expenses, you need a good mileage tracker like MileIQ. This user-friendly app will not bombard you with features you do not need. It will simply make mileage recording and tracking automatic, intuitive, and precise. Just the thing you need.

    DownloadAndroid | iOS

    10. RoadTrippers

    RoadTrippers enables you to plan shorter car trips from point A to point B and back again. Combining GPS maps with Trip Advisor platforms, this app has plenty of great recommendations to offer – from hotels to cafes to scenic spots – each personalized to your driving habits and travel preferences.

    RoadTrippers will take you wherever you want to go.

    DownloadAndroid | iOS

    Maybe you’ll choose one or two, and perhaps you’ll download all ten of them. In either case, these smartphone apps for drivers have been designed to keep you safe on the road and get you where you need to be in the shortest time possible. Even if you don’t enjoy driving, they will make you love it.

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