5 Best Online Writing Tools for Students in 2020

    Writing has been one of the most difficult things for students of all time. In the age of globalization, you still need to complete lots of academic papers that require having excellent writing skills. Of course, you can pay someone to do your assignment, as well as discover plenty of different essay services reviews to pick up the best platform for your needs.

    online content writting tools for students

    These online solutions might be really life-saving for learners who need to improve their academic performance or just can’t stand writing. Still, there are many students who would like to write essays by themselves.

    Best Online Writing Tools for Students

    In this post, you will discover the best online tools that will help you improve your writing skills with no effort.

    Google Docs

    google docs

    This text editor is one of the best alternatives for writing various types of papers. It has an amazing number of tools and utilities to make your text clear, concise, and error-free. Moreover, it is a handy platform for editing your papers. You can edit your essay according to APA, MLA, or other styles required in your academic task.

    Moreover, you will never lose your essay – it is stored in a cloud service and is accessible from any device. Even in case your laptop suddenly stops working, you will still have your paper safe and sound. 

    Cliche Finder 

    cliche finder

    Cliche Finder is a handy tool that will make your writing better. Get rid of often-used words and phrases in your writing and change them for more original and fitting copies.

    It’s extremely easy-to-use and understandable. Moreover, it is one of the most popular tools for beginner writers. 



    This popular tool has revolutionized the world of writing. The program is able to detect all your spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes, as well as typos. You will see all the possible issues highlighted and can easily fix them in a single click.

    Moreover, Grammarly has a premium option where you will be also allowed to boost your writing to the highest possible level. By the way, most writers, editors, and students use Grammarly on a regular basis. 



    This app is also extremely popular among learners. The best thing Hemingway can do with your writing is to make it readable. It will help you write shorter sentences, avoid jargon words and phrases, and improve the overall impression your paper provides.

    Hemingway will also detect passive voice and the sentences that are difficult to read. 


    stay focus for chrome

    Many students are constantly distracting when completing their assignments. StayFocusd is designed to help you get rid of this problem. It is a browser extension that blocks browsing activity for a certain period of time.

    In case you need to have access to certain third-party sources when writing, you can customize them directly in the plugin’s settings. Using StayFocusd will help you complete all your tasks faster. 

    There are plenty of other services that are developed to elevate your writing to a higher level. Feel free to choose the most fitting solutions and enjoy receiving excellent grades at college.

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