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Fix – Devices Connected to Thunderbolt Dock Stop Working when Connected to Windows 10


The blog post has a solution on how to fix devices connected to Thunderbolt Dock stop working when it is connected to Windows 10.

Devices connected through a Thunderbolt Dock stop working after the computer resumes from the S5 power state
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Majority of the users reporting that their devices stopped working when connected via Thunderbolt dock on Windows 10. The issue is not version-specific and all the version of Windows 10 from 1709 to 1909 is suffering from the issue.

Specifically, it would appear that suspending the PC would cause the peripherals connected to the dock to malfunction when PC activity resumes. 

Fix – Devices not working when connected to Thunderbolt Dock with Windows 10

Fortunately the problem would seem to present itself only with 5% probability. Microsoft is aware of this bug but has not provided an official solution but only a workaround:

As per the information shared on the Microsoft Support page, if you’re facing the same issue then you can restore the device functionality by reattaching the Thunderbolt Dock to Windows 10.

Alternately, you can also restart your Windows 10 computer workaround the issue.

Are you facing the same issue? Do you find the workaround discussed in the blog post useful? Let us know in the comments.


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