How to Disable “Recommended Extensions” and “Recommended Themes” in about:addons in Firefox 68

    Mozilla has released Firefox 68 and it is able for download for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The stable version of the browser introduces the dark theme in reading mode, WebRender for Windows 10 users, accompanied by a new look for add-ons manager.

    recommended extensions

    After updating to Firefox v68, if you visit ‘about:addons‘ page, you will find two new options “Recommended Extensions” and “Recommended Themes” in the Extensions and Themes section. The same recommendation for both themes and extensions can also be seen in the Recommendations section.

    In case, Recommended Extensions and Recommended Themes options in the Add-ons page doesn’t make any sense to you, then, fortunately, there’s a way to disable the options. here’s how you can do it:

    Disable “Recommended Extensions” and “Recommended Themes” in Firefox 68

    1. Visit about:config, when warning screen appears, click on the “I accept the risk” to continue.

    2. Next, search for “Recommendations“, you will get four results. Here you need to look for the following results:


    Double click on the result to change value from True to False.

    change firefox recommendation preferences

    The above workaround will disable recommended extensions and recommended themes section from the add-ons page and not the Recommendations section.

    What are your thoughts about this new update in the Firefox 68? Find it handy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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