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Microsoft released Windows 1.11 App. Here’s How to Download it on Windows 10


Microsoft finally uploaded Windows 1.11, a special version of its historical operating system in the Windows Store. The users running Windows 10 on their devices can enjoy the Windows 1.11 which was redesigned by Upside Down from Stranger Things.

Download Windows 1.11 app for Windows 10

From last few days, the company was posting various enigmatic videos teasing about a special edition of Windows Operating system. Now the company unveiled the mystery and published Windows 1.11 in Store as an app for Windows 10.

Windows 1.11 App for Windows 10

With the help of Windows 1.11 app users can run special edition i.e. Windows 1.0 on the devices running all the version of Windows 10.

As of writing this blog post, Windows 1.11 app is available on the Microsoft Store but it is not available for download. You can revisit the following link again to download the app.

The Approximate size of Windows 1.11 app is 775.56 MB

In case, you can’t way to try Windows 1.11 app, then you can download the app package from the link at the bottom of the article and install it manually.

Download Windows 1.11 AppMicrosoft Store | .AppxBundle Package

You can check the screenshot of Windows 1.11 app for Windows 10:

What do you think of the arrival of Windows 1.11 in the Microsoft Store? Let us know in the comments.

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