How to Download Anything Online for Free – 12 Tip & Tools

Fan of downloading things for free on the web? The blog post has tips and tools to download anything for free and legally.

12 Tips and Tools to Download Anything for Free on Internet

A lot of things on the internet like music, photos, maps etc. are not easily available for download. Sometimes, they may not be free any longer or they may just vanish completely from the web.

Download anything Online for Free

Here are some legal tips and tricks for you to download the ‘un-download-able’ stuff on the web.

Downloading Content Which No Longer Exists

1. Apps no more available on Play store

download apps not available on play store

Some apps get banned by Google because of them being potentially deceptive or malicious. Some become unavailable due to geo- restrictions. Some don’t get updated properly. These apps can be downloaded from APK Mirror or F- Droid.

These marketplaces are pretty reliable unlike most third-party app stores. To install the apps, enable side loading.

2. Old or Discontinued Software

OldApps and OldVersion are the platforms from where you can get the apps which are no more available for older versions of OS or which are not getting updated properly due to compatibility issues with the OS.

These depositories offer thousands of old versions of the apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux in many different categories. Before downloading, make sure the apps are meeting your system requirements and are free from any kind of junk.

3. Sites Taken Down from Internet

Wayback Machine is a place where you can get above 341 billion snapshots of the web pages. Use the search bar on the homepage to quickly access the archived online index and download the defunct websites with third-party apps.

3. Sites Taken Down from Internet

You can download any website from the internet archive from Wayback Machine Downloader. Click on the “Add New Site” button once you have signed up for an account. Type the domain name, cite the site pages level you wish to save & select one snapshot date from the drop-down menu.

Downloading Content for Free

4. Personalized Ringtones

Zedge is a platform which has over a million free ringtones you can download via the app or the website. There are built-in tools for saving the favorite ringtones in personal lists and you can access that list on any device. - download personalized ringtones

Zedge is available for both iOS and Android Free and Premiu version of apps available

Audiko is another place with an immaculate collection of about 2 million fresh and top ringtones in every genre. You can download the ringtones from either app or website. One advantage of Audiko over other platforms is that it also lets you upload your favorite track, cut any segment and download on your phone. There’s no need for any third party app for any editing or creating a personalized ringtone.

Audiko is available for Android.

5. Classic Literature Audio Books

LibriVox is a great collection of free audiobooks in the public domain. There’s no registration required. You can browse through the catalog by title, author, subject or genre.

download free audiobook

LibriVox is available for both Android and iOS.

6. Paid Software For Free

download paid software for free

Giveaway Club and Giveaway of the Day are among the best options to get free licensed software for Mac, Windows, and games which you otherwise spend money on to get. You get the license key from the vendor and it is completely legal without any kind of limitations.

Both the software are available for iOS and Mac.

7. Full Version Commercial Games

/r/FreeGamesOnSteam and /r/FreeGames are highly recommended platforms on Reddit for all types of freebie deals and offers.

download free full games

You can also visit this page to check out the dedicated Wikipedia “List of Commercial Games released as Freeware”.

8. TED Talks and Entire Wikipedia

kiwix- offline wikipedia

Kiwix is an absolutely free app which lets search & read the whole encyclopedia. Navigate to “Kiwix Internal wiki library” and you can easily download the ZIM file. 

Wiki Library also lets you get the popular TED talks, Wikipedia sister sites, Stack Exchange sites and a lot more for absolutely free.

Kiwix is available for all mobile and desktop iOS. The app is available for Android and iOS.

9. Web Page Images

Saving multiple images from one web page is now easy and time- saving with these extensions.

Imageye Image Downloader

With Imageye Image Downloader, you can search and download all the images on any web page with just one click. There’s a built-in filter for selecting the criteria for image size, dimension, and URL. It supports Twitter, Facebook, Google Images and a lot more.

Imageye Image Downloader is a Chrome extension.

Download all Images lets you find, filter and save all the images in the opened tab. You can limit the pictures depending on their size, dimension, and the image type. You can also use the custom regular expression filter for filtering the images based on their URL.

Download all Images’ is a Firefox Extension.

10. Capturing Audio from Any Website

You can record and save any audio in MP3 or WAV file format to your computer which is playing in the opened tab with Chrome Audio Capture. Start recording with “Start Capture” button and save or cancel the recording at any time. You can mute the tabs so as to avoid the spoiling of the audio too.

Maximum capture time is twenty minutes.

11. Instagram Videos and Photos

You can request the download of every video and photo on Instagram which you have shared.

downloadgram - download instagram videos

DownloadGram lets you download photos (your own or someone else’s) on web or phone. If it is your own photo, all you need to do is tap the 3- dot button above the post and select Share> Copy Link.

If you wish to download somebody else’s photos, tap the 3-dot button and select “Copy Link”. Open browser and past the link. Save the image.

12. Flickr Photo Albums

Flickr is a popular online photo saving and sharing service. It has lots of photos albums which you can download for free. But before downloading users photo album try to respect copyright.

download pictures online

To download a couple of photographs of another person:

Click on their username, choose the albums. Hover the mouse or click on the album thumbnail. Download icon will appear. Click it and download in the form of zip file. Download link will come up in some time.

Thats it!

There are millions and billions of stuff online nowadays and you can download virtually anything and everything from the web. We have shared some of the very essential tips and tricks which will come handy for you in downloading the stuff you have always wanted to.

Leave in your comments below to tell which is the most useful for you and if you have any trick of your own, do not forget to share it with us!

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