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3. Major Geeks

majorgeeks - free software download site for windows

MajorGeeks looks old-fashioned, but believe me it is one of the most reputable sites to download free software from the last 15 years. The site offer list of “Top Freeware Picks” which is an excellent way to get started, but you can also have a look at Top Downloads section available on the right sidebar).

All the software available for download on the site are highly-rated, and you will find them handy.

Here’ on the MajorGeeks, you can download free software for Windows accompanied by mobile platforms which include iOS and Android. The good thing about this site is that all the shareware and freeware apps are handpicked by the editors.

4. File Hippo

filehippo- free software download site for windows

FileHippo is another site from where users can download software for Windows. The site has a various section which includes the most popular downloads, recently updated programs, organized by category having complete information about the profile and link to download a different version of the software.

The site offers around 19,000 programs divided into different categories. It is one of the best places to download a safe and free version of the popular software, shareware, freeware, and demo programs.

There’s no need of creating an account for downloading software from this site.

Trustworthiness: 93%

5. Donation Coder

donation coder- free software download site for windows

Donation Coder is another good website dedicated to software connoisseurs that have various software downloads which includes donationware, freeware, software reviews accompanied by discussions.

The website runs on the donation-based model to build and finance development of the software. You can download free and clean software from the site in exchange for a donation. There’s no fixed amount for donation; it’s up to you how much you want to donate.

But keep in mind, here on the site you will only excellent freeware utilities developed by Donation Coder, so the software repository small. Still, there are lots of handy and interesting programs worth trying.

Trustworthiness: 92%

6. Download Crew

donation crew - free software download site for windows

Download Crew is another free software download website for Windows. It is one of the finest sites where you will find hand-picked programs tested by editors.

Apart from this, the site offers free trials, software reviews, and news related to software that keeps you updated about what new in the software.

Similar to software download sites discussed above, the software on the site is updated regularly. It has “Most Popular Download” and “Editors Choice” section available on the homepage. Both sections are the right place to find cool new programs.

Trustworthiness: 91%

7. File Horse

filehorse - free software download site for windows

FileHorse is another popular software download site worth mentioning in the list. It does not have a huge repository for download softwares, but still, it is a good site. The site editors focus more on quality instead of quantity.

On the site, you will find the best and handy softwares, and the good thing is site is clean and free from viruses and malware. Believe me; it is one of the best and popular alternatives for downloading popular softwares.

Trustworthiness: 91%

8. File Puma

filepuma - free software download site for windows

FilePuma is software download site similar to FileHipp discussed above, both site share similar features. Here I’m not referring to name FileHippo and FilePuma, but it also excels in categorization which is easier to navigate as compared to FileHippo.

FileHippo also offers Update Detector application that helps in keeping programs up to date. In case, you’re a great fan of downloading software from FileHippo and in the situation, if it is not working, then FilePuma is worth trying.

Trustworthiness: 90%


snapfiles - free software download site for windows

SnapFiles is another good site to download freeware and shareware software, fully rated and reviewed by SnapFile staff. One thing unique about the site is its “Daily Freeware Pick” available on the homepage. Here in this section, you will find new and useful tools and utilities daily.

Trustworthiness: 90%

This is all about my list of safe and free sites to download software for Windows. It’s your turn to try these sites and start downloading free software for Windows.

In case, I forget to mention any good and safe site to download free software for Windows. Also, don’t forget to which website you find handy.


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