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Download Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer 64 bit and 32 bit


The following article will show you instructions on how to download Mozilla Firefox offline installer 64-bit and 32-bit architecture.

Download Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer 64 bit

Firefox is a favorite web browser developed by Mozilla Corporation. It is a free and open software web browser, counted as one of the top browsers for various operating systems which includes Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

One can easily download Firefox browser from the official website. Unlike old-time, the most developers now provide browser web installer instead of the full setup of the browser and same in the case of the Firefox.

During the installation, the web installer of the Firefox browser download all the necessary files, or you can say it download setup of the Firefox browser and install it. Pretty useful right?

But there is one downside of the web installer, i.e., You need to have an active internet connection to complete the installation of the Firefox browser onto your system.

If your system is not connected to an internet connection, there is no chance that you can install Firefox browser on the system. Let’s discuss some scenarios:

Scenario One – Suppose you have performed the clean installation of the operating system, but due to some reasons the internet is not working. You won’t be able to install Firefox browser.

Scenario Two – Suppose you have to install Firefox browser in the various offline systems, let us say 20 computers.  Downloading the Firefox browser using web installer will take so much time and consume lots of data for the same thing. Right?

Firefox web installer is good, but not useful most of the time. So how to deal with this situations? The solution is Firefox Offline Installer.

Offline Installer of Firefox is a full setup, and you just need to download it one once after that you can use the same setup to install it on the various computer. You can also keep the same setup file for later use. Isn’t it a live savior? Yes, it is!

But there is a problem, unlike old time, the download page of the Firefox website provides you link to web installer. In this situation how to download Mozilla Firefox offline installer?

The link is download Firefox offline installer is available on the website, but you need to follow few extra steps to grab the link. Here is what you need to do:

1. First of all, you need to visit download page of Firefox Browser (https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/)

Firefox browser Advanced install options & other platforms

2. Here on this page instead of clicking on the Download now button, you need to click on the link which reads “Advanced install options & other platforms.” The following pop-up will appear showing you option to download the offline installer to download:

  • Firefox Offline Installer 64-bit
  • Firefox Offline installer 32-bit
  • Firefox Installer for MacOS
  • Firefox Installer for Linux 64-bit
  • Firefox Installer for Linux 32-bit

firefox offline installer

You just need to click on the link, and Firefox offline installer for particular architecture will start downloading. By default, it will download the offline installer for Firefox in the English language.

Download Firefox browser in another language

In case, you want to download Firefox for another language; then you need to click on the link which reads “Download in another language.”

The following page will appear here you will find links to download offline installer of Firefox in a different language. Just click on the link to download.

Direct links to Download Firefox Offline Installer

Alternatively, you can also use the following direct links to download the offline installer

That’s it!

You can also check following Youtube video for a clear idea:

I hope you find this article on Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer useful. If you have any queries related to article drop it in the comments.

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