Microsoft Edge New Tab Page Quick Links Tiles showing a preview of the Sites

    Microsoft Edge in Canary channel v86.0.580.0 tiles on New Tab Page now shows a preview of the sites. Let’s learn everything about this new feature.

    New Tab Page on Edge browser automatically produce and display Quick links to the website you visit frequently underneath the search bar. You can easily rename, remove or add a new title to the page in few steps.

    Recently after installing the latest update whenever you try to create a quick link on the New Tab Page, Microsoft show suggestion for the site which you might want find useful and would like to add it.

    Now if you add those suggested sites as quick links on New Tab Page and hover a cursor, you will start seeing the “Preview” in the titles. When you click on the link in the preview it opens the site in a new tab. Check GIF in action.

    Edge New Tab Page Quick Links Preview feature

    We tried to add quick links to other popular sites, but the Edge browser is not producing preview for those sites. It seems like Microsoft particularly added these few sites as a suggestion so that users can try the Preview feature in Edge. While adding quick links to Edge New Tab Page Microsoft suggested News from MSN.

    In case, you’re not happy with the Preview feature on Edge New Tab Page, then you can also turn it off. For that, click on the Ellipse (..) icon and select Turn Off Previews.

    Turn off quick links preview in Edge new tab page

    What are your thoughts about Microsoft adding Quick Links Preview feature to Edge New Tab Page? Do you like this feature, et us know in the comments?

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