Facebook Private Photo Bug – Is your Account Affected? Here’s How to Find out

    Facebook Bug Exposes user’s photos, want to find out if your account is affected? Here’s how to find out.

    facebook photo bug

    A recent Facebook glitch has exposed private pictures of around 6.8 million users or maybe more. The bug gives third-party apps access to users picture which they never had permission to view. The worst thing about this bug is that Facebook took so long to disclose the incident.

    It is good to say that 2018 was not a good year for Facebook. Earlier, the company faced a “Cambridge Analytica scandal” and people all across the globe are aware of it. The company loses lots of users, following the scandal lots of people deleted their Facebook account. Apart from this, the social networking site faced various issues times to time.

    Facebook published about the Facebook private picture bug in its Developers Blog post. The company explained on the blog post that glitch affected users accounts who used Facebook login and provided permissions to the third party application to access their pictures.

    Facebook Private Picture Bug Explained

    According to information shared on the blog post, app developers got access to the private picture of the users which they publish on the timeline for 12 days accompanied by the picture which users uploaded, but decided not to publish. 

    The Facebook Private picture bug was active from September 13 to September 25. The company discovered the glitch on fixed it on the 25th. Although, the Facebook took around three months to tell the developers or apps and extensions using which users account affected.

    Is your Facebook account affected? Find out

    Facebook is guilty and doing whatever is possible in protecting users from this bug. The company already released all the possible tools that help developers in figuring out which users using their application.

    All the users whose accounts are affected will be notified and redirected to Facebook Help Center page explaining the issue giving complete details.

    You can directly click on the link to find out if your account is affected. You will see the following message, if your account is not affected:

    facebook private picture bug - facebook help center

    Apart from this, the company also recommend users to log into the applications which they’ve used to share their Facebook pictures to find out which pictures they’ve access to.

    I hope you find out information about Facebook private picture bug useful. What are your thougths about this bug? Are you still going to use your Facebook account or keep using it and try to fix the bug.

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