Bug: Favorites in Edge v87 (stable) is displaying incorrectly

    Microsoft recently rolled out the latest version of Edge browser in the stable channel with lots of useful features. The current build version reached v87.0.664.41. You can visit this page to find out what’s new in it.

    As usual, every update not only brings features, improvements, old bug fixes but new bugs too. Lots of users are reporting 1 and 2 on Reddit that after installing Edge v87.0.664.41 (Stable), the Favorites menu in Edge is displaying incorrectly.

    microsoft edge favorite displaying incorrectly

    What actually happening is whenever they click the History button available on the Edge toolbar and then click on the (…) More options icon, the menu is not displaying properly. They have to click several times to display the menu properly. You can visit this link to check what actually happens.

    We have already reported to Microsoft Dev about this issue. Miss Quarry on Twitter shared with us:

    It looks like some languages are having text/menus cut off in the flyouts.

    In the meantime, the only solution is to use Edge in Dev or Canary channel. You can download the suitable version from the Microsoft Download page.

    Is Edge browser on your computer affected by this bug? Did you find any temporary solution? We would like to hear from you in the comments.

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