iCloud for Windows 10 is now available on Microsoft Store

Microsoft and Apple uploaded the refined version of the iCloud app, Apple’s Cloud Storage service on Microsoft Store. Users running Windows 10 on their desktop devices can download and install it from there.

download icloud app for windows 10 desktop from Microsoft store

Microsoft on its official blog post announces that Apple has published the iCloud app in the Microsoft Store to give benefit to Windows 10 desktop devices. It is the official desktop app for popular storage cloud service from Apple i.e iCloud. 

iCloud for Windows 10 Desktop

Using iCloud for Windows 10, you get access to your pictures, video, calendar files, mail, files, and other valuable information from your iCloud account while right from your Windows 10 PC. The app is home of iCloud Drive, Mail, Contacts, iCloud Photos, Calendar, Safari Bookmarks, Reminders, and more. 

icloud app for windows 10 desktop

iCloud app for Windows 10 for desktop is powered by the same technology used by File On-Demand feature of OneDrive, allowing users to get more productive and share files on iOS easily.

icloud drive in windows 10

After uploading iTunes for Windows 10 on Microsoft Store, iCloud is a second application for Apple’s service which they have uploaded to Microsoft Store.

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iCloud for Windows 10 Feature

What’s new in the iCloud app for Windows 10 Desktop:

  • Get access to your iCloud Drive files right from the File Explorer, without eating up storage on your device.
  • You get the option to select what files and folders you would like to keep on your device.
  • You can securely keep all your files on iCloud Drive and use them from any iOS device like iPhone, iPad, Man, and from iCloud.com
  • Quickly share files directly from File Explorer, giving you the power to easily collaborate with other users. The changes you will make in the files will be synchronized across all iOS devices.

Download iCloud for Windows 10

The appliciation is already available on Microsoft Store. You can search and download iCloud app just like you do for other apps.

You can also use the following link to avoid searching the app and directly visit the iCloud download page on Microsoft Store

Download iCloud for Windows 10 from Microsoft Store

What are your thoughts about the combined move of Microsoft and Apple? We would like to hear from you in the comments.

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