Installing Windows 10 v2004 in VirtualBox has a bug and people are loving it

    What if there’s a Windows 10 v2004 Transparent Edition available, are you going to use it? Unfortunately, it not available, but you will definitely going to like it.

    You might be wondering how we’re so sure about it, right? One user on Reddit reported that “I installed Windows 10 2004 in VirtualBox, and this is what happened.

    Installing Windows 10 v2004 in VirtualBox has a bug that people are loving

    After installing Windows 10 v2004 in VirtualBox, instead of opening standard UI, it loads up with Transparent UI. The majority of the users after checking the screenshot really liked it and name it Transparent edition of Windows 10 v2004. While other users suggested that this UI reminds them of Windows Aero which is still hidden inside Windows 10.

    It was just a bug but and users liked it so much that they start suggesting that Microsoft should add this as a feature in Windows 10. According to OP “He was using VirtualBox 6.1.10 with guest additions installed and 3D acceleration turned on and this is what it produced.

    Whether users liked it or not, but the truth is that transparent UI is produced as a result of a bug. So what are your thoughts about this? What you would like to call it. Windows 10 v2004 Transparent edition or just a bug? Let us know in the comments.

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    1. Hi, installed Windows 10 2004, from usb to a new hdd and got that transparency feature, which caused problems with my video, flickering and crashes, I have rather old motherboard using ledgacy nvidea geforce7025/630 chipset, it was resolved turning off the transparency feature in config…

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