Edge v83 on Mac Crashes when trying to launch Incognito Mode

    Users running Microsoft Edge v83 for Mac are not happy with the update because of the facing they experiencing when trying to launch Incognito mode.

    According to various reports from Mac users, Edge v83 keeps crashing when they’re trying to launch Incognito mode. Restore pages dialog box appears with the message “Microsoft Edge closed unexpectedly” with the Restore button.

    Edge v83 on Mac Crashes when trying to launch Incognito Mode

    One user reported on Microsoft Answer thread that:

    Version 83.0.478.37 has been just disastrous on my Mac since I updated it yesterday. Everytime I launch “Incognito Mode”, the whole program crashes. Let me know if you need any logs to help correct the issue.

    Another user on Reddit reported that:

    I haven’t been able to open the InPrivate window even once, since the last 2 days that I have it installed. I even tried reinstalling it a couple of times, but no dice. Is any of you facing a similar issue? And if so, then how did you manage to solve it?

    My System:

    Edge v83
    Extensions — uBlock Origin, 1Password, Awesome Screenshot & Notion
    macOS v10.15.1 Beta

    Eric Lawrence also made a tweet about the bug that:

    If you’re using Edge v83 on Mac with Light theme on, then opening an InPrivate window will instantly crash the browser.

    In the same tweet, Eric mentioned that fix is available in Edge v84 which means the company is already aware of the issue and patched it in the upcoming version.

    In the meantime, Edge v84 is available you can try using a browser with a Guest profile. For that, click on the Profile picture icon available on the upper right corner and select Browse as a guest. Doing this will create a guest profile. Once you close the guest profile, browser history and settings will be erased.

    Alternatively, you can download and install Microsoft Edge Beta from here and keep using it until Edge v84 is released in stable channel.

    Are you affected from this bug? Does the solution suggested in this blog post helps in fixing the issue? Do you know any other solution, then feel free to share in the comments.

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