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Microsoft Teams (Office app) is available for Linux


Good news is coming for users as Microsoft Teams (Office app) is finally available for Linux users. The company was working dedicatedly to bring this amazing collaboration application to Linux. All this started because of the request made by users on UserVoice page about the product.

Microsoft Teams (Office app) is available for Linux

If you don’t know about Microsoft Teams, it’s an office app that is popular among users on mixed platforms. It is a great competitor of popular software like Slack. The program is available as a desktop client and web app.

Microsoft Teams app for Linux Desktop

Previously only the web version of the Teams was available for Linux users, but it seems like Microsoft wants to release the desktop client too. A repository of Teams which was first spotted by h0x0d host DEB and RPM packages for Teams client for Linux desktop.

What that means is, if you’re using the latest version of Ubuntu, Debian (maybe), and Mint then you can install Teams on your machine running Linux with dpkg tool.

On the other hand, the RPMs are available for CentOS and Redhat operating systems and for compatible distros. For example Fedora, so use so use yum localinstall or rpm -ihv.

While writing this blog post, the latest version of the Team app for Linux is Only the x64 Linux version of the app is available and not the 32-bit version. Both packages are compiled on December 4, 2019.

If you’re using a machine running Linux and want to use Microsoft Teams, then it’s a time to give it a try.

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