Mozilla Redesign Reader Mode in Firefox v78 Nightly (What’s New)

    Firefox v78 get the redesign of Reader mode. If you’re regular user of this feature, then you will definitely love the recent changes.

    Mozilla after a long time Redesigned its Reader mode in Firefox browser. The changes made in Reader mode are based on Photon Design System guidelines. The Vertical toolbar is now replaced with horizontal toolbar, which is notable change. Learn more at this Mozilla Bugzilla thread.

    Firefox new reader mode UI 2020

    Reader mode in Firefox browser is released by the Mozilla 5 year ago in version 38.0.5. Once you enable reader mode for web page, it removes ads, menus, and other unwanted content and show you content in clutter-free layout with basic control.

    So far, the company made very minor improvements and added feature like Dark theme, Narrate, Dedicated keyboard shortcut to launch Reader view. With this redesign everything is refined.

    Firefox Reader mode New UI – 2020

    With refined version of Firefox Reader mode, the company made few notable changes which are:

    • Vertical toolbar on the left is replace with horizontal toolbar at top
    • Resigned is based on Photos UI guidelines
    • Accessibility features in reader mode is more keyboard friendly
    • Narrate label, Read Aloud feature of Firefox Browser is now replaced with Listen
    • Close Reader view button is replaced with Done button, available at toolbar
    • The New Accessibility tool order is AA Type Controls, Listen, Save to Pocket, and Done.
    • When you scroll down to bottom checking the content the size of toolbar will reduce and become normal when you come back to top.

    Enable Reader mode in Firefox New UI 2020

    When you visit a webpage in Firefox browser, the compatible page will show you Reader mode icon on the left side of the address bar, click on this to enable the Reader mode.

    Enable Reader mode in Firefox New UI 2020

    Doing this will instantly load the webpage in clutter-free interface with basic accessibly features.

    To exit Reader mode, click on the Done button or same icon in the address bar.

    Exit reader mode in firefox ui 2020

    You can also take use F9 or fn + F9 key to toggle on or off reader mode.

    What are your thoughts about Firefox Reader mode new UI 2020? Do you like it? What tools you want Mozilla to add in upcoming updates.

    Thanks, Techdows for the tips!

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