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OneDrive announced new features coming to app with May 2020 Update


OneDrive team has announced that what’s new features are coming to the app with May 2020 update for users who have purchased subscriptions.

onedrive app may 2020 update

OneDrive team is working hard to add more features to the app and with May 2020 update they are adding features that will offer quality product performance and experience.

OneDrive App New features (May 2020 Update)

According to roadmap shared by Team OneDrive following feature are coming with May 2020 Update:

Updates to sharing links that block download

block download support for more file types in onedrive app

With latest update users will be able to block more file type from downloading. The supported files include Images, Audio, PDF files, and other non-text & non-video file types

Open in “Review mode” in Word Online

reader mode in onedrive app

There’s a new setting available called Open in review mode only, which when enabled only allows users to view the shared documents. In the reader mode, users can recommend changes using track change features and add comments.

Its decision of the file owner to accept or reject the recommendation made by receipent.

What are your thoughts about OneDrive team adding new features to the app with May 2020 Update? Let us know in the comments.

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