15 Best Games for Girls to Play Online [2021]

    Online games for girls need a different approach to playing. Some feminine attributes are taken into context for game development. Most of the online games for girls revolve around the niches of dressing, cooking, and pets. These categories are set based on the aptitude and choices of living.

    Best Girl Games to Play Online

    It is only because of the immense success of these games that the number of online games for girls is almost equal to the number of online games for boys.

    Some girls might be looking for suggestions about the best girls games to play online. Since you made up so far, then chances are you’re one out of them for sure.

    Best Games for Girls to Play Online

    Fortunately, there are thousands of games available on the internet that girls can play. In this blog post, we decided to cover the list of the most popular games for girls. Let’s start with:

    1. Fashionista Maldives

    Fashionista Maldives

    This girl’s game prepares you for a lovely day on Maldives: the beach for all shopaholics! At the beginning of the game, you get to enjoy a makeover after a relaxing facial. Then you go on to select your pretty hairstyle. You’re now all set to browse through the wardrobe for a sexy beach bikini!

    2. Wedding Day Drama

    Wedding Day Drama

    The young bride is all set for her wedding bells. But one of her friends is very persistent on ruining her wedding day. Which girl is going to win the groom’s heart in this crazy wedding dress-up game? Play and find out. Help the young bride in setting everything up smoothly.

    3. Dress Up the Lovely Princess

    Dress Up the Lovely Princess

    Dress up the Lovely Princess is an HTML5 game that you can play on your desktop as well as on your mobile phone. Make a selection from a variety of dresses, handbags, makeup, and hairstyles for the lovely princess and enjoy every bit of the game looking at the different avatars.  

    4. Princess Weekend Activity

    Princess Weekend Activity

    You can go shopping with a pair of Disney princesses in Princess Weekend Activity. During the store’s summer sale; you can try out some outfits with your girls. There are stylish tops, pretty dresses, and tight pants! Not only this, it’s one of those fashion games where you can also pose with hi-tech accessories at the carnival.

    5. Pizza Real Life Cooking

    Pizza Real Life Cooking

    As the name says, you can prepare your delicious pizzas in this fun cooking game. You can put your favorite ingredients and toppings. Start with chopping and slicing the veggies of your choice. Once the topping is ready, decorate your pizza in your style. Set it in the oven and take it our when it is prepared. Take pictures when everything is done and show it to your friends!

    6. Anna Baby Birth

    Anna Baby Birth

    Princess Anna has to go to the hospital. She is going to have her baby. Your role in the game is to find and pack stuff for her from her list. Accompany her in the delivery room and make the childbirth go well.

    7. Annie: Mood Swings

    Annie: Mood Swings

    Annie is not feeling up to the mood today. You can cheer her up in this fantastic free online game. You need to be ready because she may feel happy, grumpy, or eager to work on the creative project. Make delicious snacks for her. Help her in designing the outfits or help her in other super fun activities.

    8. Mini Brain Doctor

    Mini Brain Doctor

    Get ready to be Mini’s brain surgeon. Use the coolest medical tools and operate Mini’s brain. Prepare Mini for the surgery by checking her pulse, temperature, and getting rid of the excess hair. Once everything is set, cut Mini’s head and use the cool machines for the operation.

    9. Candy Girl Summer Time

    Candy Girl Summer Time

    Here’s a sweet situation for your solution. It’s an emergency, and it looks like the candy doll needs your help in regaining her beauty. You’re the best beautician and dress up designer. She is looking for your advice. Select the best skin treatment for her and make her skin smooth. Put on beautiful makeup and complete her look with a delightful dress.

    10. Emma’s Lost Toys

    Emma’s Lost Toys

    Emma has lost her toys while playing in different places in the city. Help her find her toys. She cannot find her favorite toys and needs your help. Go to the places where she thinks she might have lost the toys like in the mall, in the city, in the park, etc. Have fun searching for her dolls.

    11. Princess Love test

    Princess Love test

    If you’re looking for a fun game, Princess Love Test is the best choice. Help the princess find her better half. It’s a super fun and easy game where you find out if the two zodiacal signs are compatible with a friendly relationship or not. You start by giving a cute name to your princess and then add one for the male candidate. Now select their zodiacal signs and wait for the computer to come up with the results.

    12. Goldie Baby Bath Care

    Goldie Baby Bath Care

    This game is for all the girls who love babies and love pampering them. Bath Baby Goldie and make sure there are a lot of bubbles! Give her cute toys to keep her distracted while washing her hair. Apply baby powder and baby oil on her after the fun bath. Dress her up with a fantastic variety of clothes and accessories. Try out different tops, bottoms, hats, and shoes and give her the loveliest look!

    13. Turkey Cooking Simulator

    Turkey Cooking Simulator

    Preparing turkey is a piece of work! Help this guy is making his thanksgiving dinner in this fun simulation game! He needs to go to the grocery store to get supplies and food. There are pesky relatives on the way. Help him from getting distracted and cook in the kitchen.

    14. Love Tester Deluxe 2

    Love Tester Deluxe 2

    Every girl’s got a crush. Are you excited to know your compatibility with your crush? Here’s the perfect game for you that tells you the percentage of compatibility with your lover/crush. All you need to do it fill in the details about you and your crush and click to see the results. You will get rated based on friendship, horoscopes, and love scores.

    15. Tooth Fairy Lifestyle

    Tooth Fairy Lifestyle

    Everyone at least once in their life wonders what the life of a tooth fairy is like. This cool game will give you all your answers. Join the Tooth Fairy Lifestyle and help her in collecting the teeth so that she can increase and enhance her wardrobe.

    So this is the list of our top favorite games for girls. We’re always open for suggestions. Leave your comments below and tell us which do you like the most and can’t get enough of. You can also suggest us your personal favorites.

    We keep updating our list so make sure you visit this post for the latest updates.

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