How to Restore Missing View Image Info Option in Firefox

    The “View Image Info” feature on the Mozilla Firefox browser will give you all the details related to a particular image file. You can find its hosted location, dimension, size, format, and associated text. You can also save the selected image file as well.

    If you made upto this blog post, then it confirms that you want this feature back at any cost. Fortunately, it is possible to Restore Firefox View Image info using a quick workaround. Here’s how you can do that:

    How to Restore Missing “View Image Info” Option in Mozilla Firefox

    Launch the Firefox browser and in the address bar, type in “about:config” and press Enter.

    Here, click on “Accept the Risk and Continue”.

    In the “Search preference name” bar that appears, type in copy-paste:

    When the same value appears in search results, Toggle the value of the “” to “True”.

    Restart your Firefox browser.

    Now when you right-click on an image file, the “View Image Info” option will be displayed.

    How to Restore Missing View Image Info Option in Firefox

    There’s the possibility that the company might remove the same preference value in the future. In that situation, you can take the help of a third-party Firefox Add-on to restore the functionality.

    Download View Image Info Reb by jscher2000 by clicking here.

    Restart your browser. Doing this will add the same add-on to the browser.

    To view image information, hover your mouse over any web image and press the Ctrl key + right-mouse-click.

    How to Restore Missing View Image Info Option in Firefox

    In the context menu, you will find the option “View Background image info“, select the image, and instantly all the information about the image will be available on the new tab page.

    And that is it. We have mentioned two of the easiest ways to restore the missing “View Image Info” feature on the Mozilla Firefox browser. If you know about any additional methods, feel free to mention them in the comments below.

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