3 Ways to Enable Dark Theme or Mode in Windows 11

    Out of the box, Windows 11 comes with a light theme that is amazingly refreshing and looks perfect due to its default background.

    enable windows 11 dark theme

    Some users might not be a fan of light themes or didn’t find the default Windows 11 light theme useful or want to give their eyes a break. No matter what is your reason for switching from light to dark in Windows 11. I must say you have made the right decision.

    The dark theme of Windows 11 is ravishing, which when enabled turns every UI component to dark. As a result, make working on a desktop for a long time easier for the users.

    Apart from that Windows 11 Dark or Light theme, it also has other themes featuring outstanding desktop backgrounds. Check out How to Change Theme in Windows 11.

    How to Enable Dark Theme or Mode On Windows 11

    In this blog post, we will cover possible ways on how to enable dark themes in Windows 11. So without further delay, lets start with first method:

    First Method

    Launch Settings app. For that, click on the Start button > Settings.

    Now, click on Personalization and then on Themes.

    Theme settings in windows 11

    Select the Windows (Dark) theme.

    Dark theme in Windows 11

    Wait for a couple of seconds till it gets applied.

    Method Two

    Again, launch the Settings app in Windows 11, then navigate to Personalization > Colors.

    Color Settings in Windows 11

    Here using the Choose your mode drop-down, select Dark.

    Choose your mode windows 11

    Instantly, a dark color effect will get applied to your system.

    Method Three:

    Due to any reason if any of the methods discussed above fail to enable dark theme in Windows 11, then there’s a hidden method to make that thing happen. Here’s what you need to do:

    Launch File Explorer and head over to the following directory: location: C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.

    Here, you will find all the themes installed on Windows 11.

    Enable Dark theme in windows 11 using file explorer

    Double-click on Dark and instantly dark mode or theme will be applied.

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    So these are three different methods to enable dark mode or theme in Windows 11 that we find are convenient and easy to use. You can follow the same steps to revert back the light theme in Windows 11.

    Let us know if you are facing any issues in changing Windows 11 dark theme or color.

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