Fix – There Was A Problem Resetting Your PC In Windows 10 v2004

    The following post has all the possible workarounds to troubleshoot there was a problem resetting your pc in Windows 10.

    There Was A Problem Resetting Your PC in Windows 10

    Windows 10 is the best operating system in the Windows operating system lineup. The company has added all the possibilities into it to deal with all kind of situation. It has useful apps to get started, settings and option to manage it for best performance.

    It also has various troubleshooters to deal with multiple bugs and issues. Whenever there is a problem in the operating system users can take help of these troubleshooters to fix the issues. If troubleshooter fails to fix the issue, you can reset Windows 10 machine; mostly this fixes almost all the problems.

    Fix – There Was A Problem Resetting Your PC in Windows 10 v2004

    But in exceptional cases, the reset feature also fails to fix the issue ending up with a pop-up showing an error message. The full error message reads:

    There Was A Problem Resetting Your PC. No changes have been made

    In case, you’re also facing the same issue in your Windows 10 machine; then you can try the following workaround to troubleshoot the issue. So without further delay why don’t you start reading about them:

    1. Reboot your machine

    Geekermag suggests you all the time that before following any workaround to troubleshoot the issue in Windows operating system, try to reboot your Windows 10. The same process fixes most of the issues.

    2. Repair Windows 10 Image

    Microsoft has suggested users to repair Windows 10 image to fix the issue. Here’s how you can do to that:

    Launch Elevated Command Prompt windows.

    Here, you need to execute following command: dism / online / cleanup-image / restorehealth

    Restart your computer to apply the changes.

    3. Disable and Enable Recovery Environment

    Some users suggest that disabling and enabling the Recovery Environment fixes the issue. Here is how you can do that:

    Launch the Elevated command prompt and type the following commands back to back and press enter:

    To Disable Recovery Environment 

    reagentc /disable

    Wait until the ‘Operation Successful‘ message appears.

    To Enable Recovery Environment 

    reagentc /disable

    Wait until the Operation Successful message appears.

    enable and disable recovery enviornment in windows 10

    Now type ‘Exit‘ to exit the command prompt window.

    Reboot your machine and try to reset the machine

    4. Do a System File Scan

    Launch the Elevated command prompt and type the following command in the terminal:

    sfc /scannow

    Now try to reset your Windows 10 PC

    In case, after following above step, the machine still fails to reset the system, then again launch the Command terminal and type following commands back to back:

    cd %windir%\system32\config
    ren system system.001
    ren software software.001

    At last type exit and press enter to exit the Command prompt window.

    Reboot your machine

    Try to reset your machine. I hope this will fix the Windows 10  there was a problem resetting your PC. If this method also fails, try the next workaround.

    5. Reset using Advanced Startup Options

    Some users suggested that when they reset the system using Advanced Startup Options the process completely flawlessly without giving an error message. You can also try that, here is how you can:

    First of all access the Advanced Startup Options menu in Windows 10. In the Troubleshoot screen, you need to click on ‘Reset your PC‘ instead of Advanced options.

    reset this pc using advanced startup options menu

    In no second this will start the Resetting process.

    6. Reset using Bootable USB Stick

    The Windows operating system is so flexible that you can also use Windows 10 bootable USB stick to reset the machine. Check the steps discussed in the following video:

    During the process, you will require 

    You need to under what edition you have installed, version, and the system type or the architecture. By those details create a Windows 10 installation media

    After the successful reboot, try to reset your system.

    7. Clean Installation of Windows 10

    In case, none of the workarounds help you in fixing the there was a problem resetting your PC, then the last resort is to perform a clean installation of Windows 10

    For step by step instructions check this Microsoft Answer thread.

    That’s it!

    There is no doubt that one of the methods discussed above will fix the issue there was a problem resetting your PC in Windows 10.

    Let me know in the comments if this blog post helpful to your or not?

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