How to Use Cloudflare DNS for Faster and Safe Browsing on Phone

If you’re concerned about privacy while surfing the web on the phone? Cloudflare’s one-tap DNS app is worth trying.

cloudflare dns service app for android and ios

Cloudflare launched its DNS service a few months ago keeping speed and privacy in mind. The company put the same service for mobile into beta a few months ago. Finally, they have launched easy to use DNS app for Android and iOS devices.

The application will make it easier for the users to use Cloudflare DNS service on both Android and iOS devices. The same service is also be used on the desktop too. The focus of the DNS service is to enhance performance and privacy.

What is Cloudflare’s DNS Service?

Cloudflare released its DNS service in April 2018. It is free to use a DNS resolver that anyone can use. The service will help in keeping your browsing activity private from ISP (Internet Service Providers) and interested third parties.

It will improve the overall performance, let users load sites faster as compared to the ISP’s default DNS server.

Cloudflare’s app for Android and iOS

After conducting a beta test, the company finally released its DNS service for both Android and iOS devices. According to the company, it is “worlds safest and fastest DNS resolver service” which concentrated on a combination of performance and privacy.

Configure Cloudflare DNS on Mobile

As discussed above, the purpose of releasing the mobile is to make it easier for the users to configure DNS service. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Download and Install Cloudflare DNS resolver app for Android and iOS device using the following link:

2. Launch the app on your Phone. Next, move the DNS service slider to ON position and you’re good to go.

cloudflare dns resolver app

Once you turn on the Cloudflare’s DNS service, your web browsing will be faster and secure. This also ensures that no one is snooping on your DNS queries, whether its the government or your Internet Service Provider.

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What do you think about the Cloudflare DNS resolver app? Does it improve your web browsing experience? Whatever is in your mind, feel free to share in the comments.

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