Why Consumers Love Peer to Peer Marketplaces

    If there was one thing the internet does better than anything else, it’s connecting people, businesses, and services with each other. Now, instead of having to be physically near one another, we can do business with someone else no matter where in the world they are, any time of the day. That is a huge part of why peer to peer websites are growing in popularity more every single day.

    Why Consumers Love Peer to Peer Marketplaces

    What is a Peer to Peer Marketplace

    A peer to peer marketplace is one where two individuals can interact without necessitating a third party. This could be a business to a business transaction, or a business to consumer, or consumer to consumer. The shopper and seller can complete their transactions directly with each other with all payments done directly. Some of the most successful p2p sites allow their users to conduct business on their own terms, letting them set the price for their products, complete shipping on their own, as well as let those users keep a majority of the money from each transaction, with the only exception being a typically small website fee. As these sites have so much potential, many businesses are learning how to build a peer to peer website.

    How This Benefits user

    One of the biggest advantages of users conducting their business on a p2p site is that they don’t have to worry about many of the things associated with creating a full storefront. All the overhead, logistics, and infrastructure are provided as well as the access to a large audience of shoppers who are already browsing. If a user is someone with a huge collection of DVDs that they no longer watch, they don’t want to start a whole business or open a store just to get those discs out of the house, and there might not be someone in their local area willing to buy.

    With a p2p website, they can let the shoppers come to them with little work on their part, and they can set the price according to however much they feel is appropriate for each product.

    There’s no need for a user to create a website themselves, hire workers, or maintain a storefront, just add the goods they want to sell, and ship them out when they are sold. Consumers can turn hobbies, collections, and product ideas into sustainable sources of income without heavy cost or time investment on their end.

    In addition, consumers can access relevant data and analytics that will help their business grow by showing them which products are successful, which ones are resonating with buyers and which ones they would save by cutting out. Many p2p sites have their own ratings and reviews system that is consistent across the board so that shoppers have an easy glimpse into the experience they can expect buying from a seller.

    Overall, the experience of a p2p site is one that is beneficial to both shoppers and sellers. This is a large reason why sites like eBay, Etsy, and more have seen massive success, and why many businesses are hoping to create the next big p2p storefront.

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