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News Bar (Beta) App for Windows 10 is Available on Microsoft Store


Microsoft team was working on a new app called Project Newsbar from the last few months. Starting today, the News Bar (beta) app for Windows 10 is available on Microsoft Store.

Project Newsbar a.k.a News Bar will let users add story tickers to the Windows 10 desktop that brings the latest news and article from more than 4500 Microsoft news partners globally. You can either slide-in to the sidebar or on the top overlay.

News Bar app for Windows 10

Microsoft News Bar lets users set which stock you want to track, set news locations, set where you want to news to appear. You can also manage whether you want the app to start automatically. Apart from this, there’s a setting using which users can hide news bar for 90 minutes so that you can get a distraction-free desktop.

Whenever you click on the news feature in the bar, then it will open in the default browser on Windows 10. News bar is in beta and not all users can download it at the moment.

You can check the News bar app listing at Microsoft Store using the following link:

And check, if you’re lucky enough to download it.

What are your thoughts about the News bar app for Windows 10? We would like to hear your opinion in the comments.

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