26 Best Facebook Instant Games to Play With Friends in 2021

    Facebook is not a place to get connected with your friends, but you can also play games. Facebook has a never-ending list of games worth trying. The company is now focusing more on Facebook Instant Games. You might love to check our previous post on Best Facebook Games lists

    Facebook Instant Games are very popular among users, its because they are lightweight and load up quickly. You can play alone, but if you want to add more fun to your gaming experience, then you can also challenge your friend.

    It is possible to play Instant games on both Facebook for web and mobile device. Playing Instant Games on Facebook is super easy. You just need to head over to the Facebook Gaming section and hit the play button.

    Best Facebook Instant Games 2021

    Facebook has a never-ending a list of Instant Games that users can play alone or with their friends. Some user might be looking for games suggestion to get started.

    To help our reader we sort a list of Best Facebook Instant Games worth playing. The first one in our list is:

    1. Basketball FRVR

    Basketball FRVR - facebook instant game

    Easy to learn yet frustrating to master basketball hoop shooter game. Try to slam as many hoops by swiping your fingers and beat your friend’s score. Hit a clean shot to get 3 points and hit the rim for getting 2 points.

    2. Word With Friends

    words with friends - facebook instant games

    Remember the old board game Scrabble? Words with friends is the virtual version of it. You will be given 7 alphabets in your bag, using which you have to form different words. The more words you make more rewards. The player with the highest points wins.

    3. Crazy Ball 3D

    crazy ball 3d - facebook instant game

    Crazy Ball 3D is another runner game. You have to boost your speed covering distance. After some distance covered, you get a ‘heart’. You can collect 5 of them. As you pace up, the obstacles on the way become difficult increasing your chances to collide. If you have ‘life’ (heart) then you do not lose and the game continues. Once you have 0 hearts and you collide, the game ends.

    4. Bubble Shooter

    Bubble Shooter is a simple bubble shooting game, the gameplay for Bubble shooter is simple, you will be given a random ball every time you shoot. If you match three colors of a bubble, then the complete combination breaks, if there are other bubbles attached without taking connection with any other bubble except the combination you break then even those fall off too. The game continues until the bubble pyramid doesn’t touch the base.

    5. Uno!

    Uno - facebook instant game

    In the game, you will be competing with 4 or more competitors. You will be given 7 cards (including power cards). One card stays open on stage, you have to throw a card in order to proceed in-game if you don’t have the same color card as in the desk, you can use the power card. If you do not have any power card, you have to pick one card from the deck. The first player to finish their hand deck wins.

    6. EverWing 2

    EverWing 2 - facebook instant games

    EverWing 2 is a kingdom built war game, where you select a level, and your character sprees through killing demons on the map as it goes forward. Your character may be vulnerable to some items which you may void. As you kill the demon you gain coins. In some cases, demon drops powers, picking which you get the special ability. The game goes on until you reach the last level.

    7. Ninja Go

    Ninja Go - facebook instant game

    Brains with fun! Ninja Go is an addictive challenging game that will keep you going for long. The basic idea of the game is to cover the whole map. Every level has a map that has blocks, there are obstacles that won’t allow you to cross the map. You have 2 choices, horizontal and vertical (both ways). Using this, you have to travel the whole map to complete the level.

    8. Chop Chop

    chop chop - facebook instant games

    Chop chop is a ‘stages’ based game where you have to chop vegetables, sushi in literal terms. The food items will be placed in a horizontal manner, in between, there are wooden plates. As you go on chop the ‘multiplier’ bar keeps on increasing and gives you score. There is a measurement bar on top to count the amount you have chopped. If it fills, you pass the stage. As the stage advances the speed and difficulty will increase.

    9. Cricket FRVR

    cricket frvr - facebook instant games

    Cricket Frvr is a non-level up game, where you have to play until you get ‘out’. It is a very simple game where a bowler bowls the ball and you have to swing the bat to score runs. The scoreboard keeps on raising as you score. If you get bowled or catch out, the game ends.

    10. Golden Boots

    Golden Boots - facebook instant games

    Golden boots is one of the oldest game introduced in ‘Facebook instant games‘. It has over 30M+ players in the past 4 months. The game concept is simple, Goal! You will have to make a free kick and goal against different goalies from different angles. Every time you pass a level, the game becomes more challenging by making it difficult to goal.

    11. Angry Balls 3D Fire

    Angry Balls 3D Fire - facebook instant games

    You play, you win, you lose. But you won’t stop playing. Angry Balls is one such addictive game that will give no rest to your fingers. The game is simple, you have to destroy the tower of objects while it is partially defended by blocks. You press the screen and the shooter starts to shoot, once you stop pressing, the shooter stops. The game passes through ‘stages’, the more you win, the more challenging it becomes.

    12. Space Invader

    space invader facebook instant game

    Space invaders is a retro game from old cassettes. You select your powerups at the starting of the game. The game begins with a series on mini monster moving in horizontal movements. You have to shoot down every one of them before they reach you. As the game continues, the mini monster shoots you in turn randomly. You have to dodge their bullets and kill them. If you shoot their bullet, both of your shooting neutralizes for that turn. The game becomes faster and faster as level increases.

    13. Daily Sudoku

    Daily Sudoku - facebook instant game

    Daily Sudoku reminds of those old times, waiting for newspaper and start hunting them down for classic Sudoku game. The game is simple, you have to fill the 9×9 patterned stage with random numbers mentioned at few boxes. This stage is designed into 9 – 3×3 small stages. You cannot repeat any number horizontally or vertically. You cannot repeat any number in the same small stage. The game ends when all the 9×9 boxes are filled. 

    14. HEX FRVR

    Hex Frvr - facebook instant games

    Hex Frvr is a game of patience. The game comprises of a web type pattern. You have to drag different colored shapes on the board. Whenever horizontally, vertically or diagonally a set is completed (of any color) you get points. If you match the set with the same color, you get higher points. If you match them with different colors, you get fewer points. The game ends if there are no possible patterns to be made onboard.

    15. Piano Music Master

    Piano Music Master - facebook instant games

    Music lover? Game addict? Piano Music Master is a combo. The game resolves of the screen moving downwards with tiles. You have to hit the tiles by pressing the screen. As you touch the tile, the tile plays music. You miss a tile, you lose. The more you play the speeder it gets. 

    16. Killer Assassin

    killer assassin - facebook instant game

    Patience is the key. Killer Assassin is a game to spy around maps and kill guards that are moving around. Every guard has its limit of view. You have to be away from the guard’s view and kill them. The higher the level, the more challenging the game. You won’t get bored with this rookie.

    17. Brick Pop

    bricks pop - facebook instant game

    Brick pop is a good time hunting game. In this game, you have to hit colored bricks on stage. You can only pop (break) the bricks that are at least in a set of 2. You have to make sure that you take the game efficiently. If there is any single brick left without pairing, you lose the game. The only way to end the game is by clearing the whole stage from colored bricks by poping every single one of them.

    18. Bounce Bounce

    bounce bounce - facebook instant games

    Bounce Bounce is a runner game. A ball continuously bounces on screen, there will be a flow of speed that is followed increasing consistently. You have to move the screen to park the ball on a round platform. As the ball hits the round platform it bounces again. The game continues and goes faster and faster by time.

    19. 8 Ball Pool

    8 ball pool - facebook instant game

    The popular 8 Ball Poll game in which you can compete with different users and challenge them against coins. There are different cities, boards, cue to explore from. You can play tournaments to increase the fun. The game is simple, the board has one white ball and 15 balls (7 strips, 7 solid, and one black). You will be assigned to either strip or solid, your goal is to cue all the balls assigned ending with black ball ‘number 8’. The first player to cue all their balls wins.

    20. Snake Attack

    snake attack - facebook instant games

    Snake attack is a never-ending game. The game starts with your character which is a snake that is placed on the screen. You have to eat fruits and vegetables placed on the screen and grow bigger. Each object gives you a +1 score. If you are smaller than other snakes that are on the screen and they eat you, you lose. If the bigger snakes follow you from back, you lose -1 score and your snake size decreases eventually. The game goal is to grow your character size bigger.

    21. 2048

    2048 - facebook instant games

    Maths lover? 2048 is an idle game for you then. The game is simple, you have to slide through the screen starting with only number ‘2’. As you slide in any direction the number multiples by 2 if two similar numbers coincide the number becomes double again. You have to continue playing the game, the game goes on until you cannot slide through the screen and no number can merge with each other.

    22. Tetris

    tetris - facebook instant game

    Tetrix is the old retro classic game. The game begins with choosing the difficulty level. As the game starts, different shapes blocks drop on the screen. You have to create layers by layers. If any layer fills wholly it destroys. As the game continues, the speed of dropping blocks becomes faster. The game ends if the screen fills with blocks.

    23. Master Archer

    Master Archer - facebook instant game

    Master archer is a cute little game with addictive qualities. The game is simple, as you hold the screen, the archer picks the arrow as higher as you press. As soon as you leave the screen, the archer bows the arrow. The character in front holds an object on its head. The arrow should touch the object in order to proceed to the next level. As the level increases, it becomes more difficult to aim for the object. You get 3 chances every level to shoot the object.

    24. Packman go

    packmag go - facebook instant games

    Did someone say Pacman? Yes, Pacman Go, the classic retro game from old times is one best game on Facebook Instant Games. The gameplay of Pacman Go is simple, you start by eating objects all over the screen. Few guards will move around the map to catch you. You have to eat all the objects before the catch. In a few places, there are berries. When you eat berries the guards partially die. If you eat them at this moment, the guard spawns at the home. The game ends when you eat all the objects. The level becomes more difficult as they increase.

    25. Gold Mahjong FRVR

    Gold Mahjong FRVR - facebook instant games

    Gold Mahjong FRVR is really a feverish game, that gives you chills when you are on! It has different numbered and patterned blocks on the screen. The game main role is to match two similar blocks. As you select a correct block pair, you get points. With every pairing the score multiplier increases, which helps you get a high score. If you select the wrong pair, the multiplier loses by 1x similarly after a few seconds if you do not pair any block the multiplier reduces by 1x. The game continues until you pair all the blocks on the screen.

    26. Spider Solitare

     Spider Solitare - facebook instant games

    Spider Solitare is a card game, compromising a map in a spider web. Cards on your screen are placed randomly. One card is opened in the deck, you have to select a card that is either +1 or -1 to the card on the deck. The cards that are blindfolded on-screen only appears if you use the card above them. If you are out of options, you get a chance to collect a random card from the bundle and but at the top of the deck. The game ends if you successfully place all cards from the map into the deck.

    Keep playing, and comment below your favorite Instant Facebook game that you love to play. Thank you for reading this article.

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