40 The Best Facebook Games 2021 (#8 Personal Favorite)

Are you looking for the Best Facebook Games to play in 2021? There are lots of places to play games online, and one out of them is Facebook. There are thousands of games from different genre readily available for enthusiastic users with a lot of perfection.

The Best Facebook Games List

But the question is which are the best Facebook Games to play in 2021? Within Facebook’s interface, you need to click on the Play Game and start playing it. On the other hand, every Facebook game is so unique and special in many aspects.

Facebook has single-player games accompanied by multiplayer games that give you an opportunity to make few friends on Facebook.

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The Best Facebook Games 2021

To help all the Facebook games fan, I decided to create a mega list of Facebook Games featuring all the best Facebook Games of 2021

So without further delay, why don’t you start checking the list best games on Facebook:

1. Candy Crush Saga

candy crush saga for facebook

Candy Crush Saga is the most delicious puzzle games which you love to play on Facebook. The game is featuring thousands of delicious and tasty levels. You’re required to solve various puzzles like, finding objects, match similar candies, beat time, defuse candy bombs and more.

2. Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Holdem Poker for facebook

Texas Holdem Poker is a fascinating card game based on game theory and probability. The game has quite a fan base in the world of card games; the game rules are straightforward – there’s a pot where all the users put in their virtual money then cards are drawn out randomly by the computer. The order of cards is AKQJ1098765432 with the Ace being of highest priority.

3. Social Wars

social wars for facebook

Social Wars is a popular Facebook game with Alien and Army theme. In the game, you have to take the responsibility and lead the army of the mechs and men in the battle for saving the planet by ending all the battles.

4. Tetris Battle

tetris battle for facebook

Tetris Battle is the popular and addictive games on Facebook. The game is featuring Battle 2P and Marathon mode you can select the mode according to your desire. The battle 2p more is popular among users as you go live with other players. This makes the game more interesting.

5. Bejeweled Blitz

bejeweled blitz for facebook

Bejeweled Blitz is a simple game, all you need to do is keep the same kind of jewels in linear form (straight lines or diagonals). The better you do it, the more you score. The game is quite popular.

6. Candy Crush Soda

candy crush soda for facebook

Candy Crush Saga is another best games on Facebook. In the game, you will enjoy new candies, cool combination and exciting game modes brimming with purple soda. Similar to Candy Crush Saga

7. Criminal Case

criminal case for facebook

It is a popular Hidden Objects Facebook Game. In this game, you need to play detective and solve the criminal cases and look for hidden objects. Sometimes it shows a disturbing crime scene. Still, the majority of Facebook users enjoy solving the cases with perfections.

8. Coin Master

coin master for facebook

Coin Master is addictive and one of the best Facebook games which users love to play. In the game, you need to spin, attack, raid and build on your way to a Viking Empire.

9. Papa Pear Saga

papa pear saga for facebook

Papa Pear Saga is another title of King. Enter the wacky world of the Papa Pear. In this bouncing Facebook game, you have to light up the bulbs using Papa Pear. You will bounce around fruits, acorns, and the chilies. The more you bounce, the more you score.

10. Country Life

country life for facebook

Country Life is a game very similar to Farmville. It’s a virtual simulation of a countryside life where you grow plants, feed cattle, harvest crop, etc. The game has around for a very long time and still has over 0.1 million monthly users. During its peak, the game had over 10 million users.

11. Backyard Monsters

backyard monster for facebook

Backyard Monster is the popular real-time strategy game on Facebook that revolves entirely around monsters. In the game, you need to build and strengthen the empire, hatch robust monsters and bathe in the blood of enemies.

12. Dragon City

Dragon City for facebook

It is to be noted that in Dragon City, you mustn’t expect Godzilla to destroy buildings in its path. It is a most sought after the game by all age group. It is an instant hit among players with a lot of perfection.

13. 8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool for facebook

With great animations, 8 Ball Pool is a level virtual pool game. With a simple style, you get a great chance to play. The social character of this game is very limited.

14. Monster Legends

Monster Legends for facebook

Monster Legends is the creators of Dragon City on the open market. It is to be remembered that with over 150 monsters readily available, this game comes with new monsters and different abilities. It is well designed for its esteemed players.

15. FarmVille 2

farmville 2 for facebook

Farm Ville 2 is a popular farming plus simulation game. It comes with more 3D effects and graphics for users with a lot of perfection. You deal with many things related to farming like growing crops, raise animals, etc.

16. Baseball Heroes

Baseball Heroes for facebook

Baseball Heroes is a game primarily based on baseball. In the games, you need to create an unbeatable with your Facebook friends and go against best teams in the worlds to win the championships. Whenever the level up you will get reward points to improve your playing skills

17. Diamond Dash

diamond dash for facebook

Much similar to Bejeweled Blitz, the game is based on how efficiently you place the same diamonds, the more you linearly put them, the more you score and the more experience you gain.

18. Cafe World

cafe world for facebook

Cafe World is another fantastic game that has been around for a while now. It’s a real-world simulation of a café and has been developed by the very famous Zynga. In its first week, it had garnered over 8 million daily users. The game is all about managing your virtual café and serving orders.

19. Top Eleven Be a Football

Top Eleven Be a Football for Facebook

Best Soccer manager another best facebook games available which you will love to play. In the game, you can create your virtual soccer club and compete with your Facebook friends and other players in Champions League, League, Cup or in the friendly matches.

20. Pearl’s Peril

pearls peril for facebook

Pearl’s Peril is a beautiful hidden object game on Facebook. Why don’t you join June and explore the exciting world of 1920, hunt for clues, and solves mysteries?

21. Throne Rush

Throne Rush for facebook

Throne Rush is a popular RTS game on Facebook. The game featuring medieval fantasy world and you have to create your empire, make a mighty army and then attack the enemies to establish the hold on the Throne.

22. Farm Town

farm town for facebook

Farm Town is a countryside virtual simulation game that’s very much similar to already available, and much played Farm Ville from the developers at Zynga.

23. Pet Rescue Saga

pet rescue saga for facebook

In the game, your job is to save the pets by matching two or more blocks of the same colors to clear different levels. Your puzzle skills will be checked throughout the game so plan the moves thoroughly, create matches and free the pets.

24. Toy Blast

toy blast for facebook

Toy Blast is highly addictive matching puzzle Facebook games with unique boosts and magic powers. In the game, you have to help Amy in collecting her precious toys. You can do that by collecting two or more same color blocks to complete the level and collect toys.

25. Trivia Crack

trivia crack for facebook

Trivia Crack is the most downloaded or played Trivia game on Facebook, so that’s what sets it apart. If you are up for a tricky game, go for this one – you’ll surely love it.

26. Words With Friends

words with friends for facebook

Words With Friends is a crossword type of multiplayer game that you can play with your fellow Facebook friends. This game is recommended for people who want to improve their vocabulary too.

27. Bitstrips

bitstrips for facebook

An easy game, instead of an application that lets you create comics that stars you and your friends. The game can bring out the creativity in the kids for sure. So if you have kids, make sure you make them play this game at least once.

28. Hay Day

hay day for facebook

Hay Day is game similar to Farm Ville or Farm Town that asks you to build a virtual farm and work on it. You can sow and harvest crops, take out benefits from the cattle, etc. This is also a countryside simulation game that you’d surely love to play.

29. Bubble Witch Saga 2

Bubble Witch Saga 2 for facebook

Bubble Witch Saga is another enthusiastic game from King.com. Like any other bubble popping game, the central plot is the same. It is to be remembered that you have to shoot bubbles plus match 3 or more bubbles successfully.

30. Happy Aquarium

Happy Aquarium for facebook

Happy Aquarium is more like a virtual aquarium where you can decorate your aquarium, feed the fishes and watch them grow. You can control oxygen levels in the water, and do even necessary things like switching off the lights, catching fishes to get some coins, etc. The game is total fun.

31. Angry Birds Friends

angry birds friends for facebook

If you”re a fan of Angry birds game then try Angry Birds Friends. In the game, you need to compete in weekly tournaments with your Facebook friends and figure out who is the perfect bird flinger. In the game, you will play six pig-packed fresh level twice a week.

32. Island Paradise

island paradise for facebook

You have your island where you’ll have to sow and harvest various crops and cattle. The game is a bit different from other games like Farm Ville or Farm Town because of the island factor; you will see a lot of things different from Farm Ville. The game is a total fun to play.

33. Farm Heroes Saga

farm heros saga for facebook

Rancid the Racoon is attempting to destroy the valuable Farm Lands by stealing as many cropsies along the way. In the game, you need to join the Farm Heroes and help them to collect the cropsies and save the day. The game is featuring hundreds of different levels of matching and switching farming fun to explore out.

34. Happy Pets Facebook Game

happy pets facebook game

Happy Pets Facebook game is more like a simulation of being a pet owner. You can adopt pets ranging from dogs to cats. The game is quite addictive just like other simulation games available on Facebook.

35. Social Empires

social empire for facebook

Social Empires is a gripping game that asks you to make a virtual empire, and you need to tame various takes like dragons, etc. and keep building the empire. The game is fun for those who like strategy games like Age of Empire etc.

36. Zoo World

zoo world for facebook

Zoo World is another virtual reality game that is all about administrating the zoo. You can share various items with your friends; you can breed animals etc. The primary goal is to make your zoo bigger and better and work on the levels.

37. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Despicable Me Minion Rush for facebook

Yellow and loyal minions are ready for one of their toughest challenge. In the games, you have to play as Minion and compete with other users in fast-paced and hilarious difficulties to impress your boss.

38. Bingo Blitz

bingo blitz for facebook

Bingo Blitz is a popular free bingo game on Facebook. In the game, the players are required to collect the Elves throughout the game. You can also earn the same by completing a room, leveling up, and can be gifted just by making a trade with friends. You can also purchase Elves from the store.

39. Slotmania Slot Machine

Slotmania Slot Machine for facebook

Great fan of Slot machine? Give Slotmania Slot Machine a try. The best facebook game that provides you amazing Video Slot experience which no other game can provide. The game brings the Slot machine of Vega in the right on your Facebook screen. So why don’t you join the largest slot game on Facebook?

40. MindJolt Games

facebook mindjolt games

MindJolt Games on Facebook is a collection of the best Facebook games that are designed to play with your brain. The games are of various range; some are hard while some are easy – you can surely give them a try. Just jump, fly, avoid obstructions, get bananas, be naughty, and beat your villain to capture the title of Minion of the Year.

41. Facebook Status Games

You can also play Facebook Status Games with your friends. In the game, the user uploads a funny or tricky question, and friends have to reply to the question is the comments. Guess what? This type of games increases the engagement level to its best. What is your best Facebook Status Game question? Share it in the comments.

These are the Best Facebook Games lists worth trying in 2021. It’s apparent that I have missed various new Facebook Games as it is not possible for me to try all of them. Why don’t you help me and share your favorite games on Facebook?

GeekersMag comment section is all yours 🙂

Note: This list of Best Facebook Games 2021 will be updated every month so bookmark this blog post for new games.

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