How to Block Websites on Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

The following blog has a quick workaround on how to block websites on Microsoft Edge in Windows 10.

How to Block Websites on Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is the default web browser in Windows 10 out of the box. The company has replaced it with Internet Explorer to complete other modern browsers available in the market such as Chrome, and Firefox.

By the time the company has introduced lots of useful features, and one of them is a parental control feature. Users can take help of this security feature to block certain sites on Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10. It could be social networking sites like Facebook or Pornography sites. Of course, no one would like their family members to access these type of websites.

Parental Control feature is the part of Edge browser for a long time. And blocking sites using this feature is not much useful. Now what to do in this situation? The best solution is to block the whole domain on the Edge browser.

Update 19/09/2019 – I have tested this workaround and working flawleslly

How to Block Websites on Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Unfortunately, there is no such setting available in the Edge browser and due to this reason users left with no other choice, but to use the host file to block sites in Windows 10.

In this method, you need to modify the host file and mention the sites which you want to block on the Edge browser. If you’re willing to check this method, then here is what you need to do:

Step one: Launch Notepad with Administrator Rights

In the Start menu search bar type “Notepad.” When the Notepad comes up in the results, right-click on it and Run as administrator.

notepad - run as administrator

When UAC Dialog box appears, click Yes to continue.

In the Notepad file, click on the File > Open.

open file in notepad

The new navigate window will open, you need to navigate to the location where the host’s file is available. 

Windows 10 hosts file location is C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file

windows 10 hosts files location

To view files under this folder, you need to switch from Text Documents (*.txt) to All Files. You can change it just like shown in the following screenshot.

window hosts file location

When you select All Files, you will get all the files available in the ETC folder. Here is how it will look:

hosts file in windows 10

Just choose the Hosts file and click on the Open button.

The host’s file in the Notepad will be open. Here is how it will look:

windows 10 host files

Step Two – Add Sites which you want to block

Next, you need to type links of the sites which you want to block from opening in the Edge browser. Suppose, you want to block Facebook and YouTube, then here is how you need to type it:

Note: Before editing the host’s file it is very important to make a backup of the file.

  • To block Facebook, type this:
  • To block YouTube, type this:

Thing to Keep in Mind– Make sure to modify the file the way its is visible in the above screenshot. Otherwise, it will not block the site.

Depending on the requirement, you can add as many websites you want to block.

Alternate way – In case, After following the above workaround, if sites are still opening then instead of using before web address use For example:

Step Three – Save the file

After modifying the host’s file, click on the Save button and close the file. Also, close the Microsoft Edge browser to apply the changes.

Now if you try to visit Facebook, YouTube and other sites which you have blocked; then you will notice that the site is not opening and showing you a message, i.e., Can’t reach this page or similar.

As of writing this blog post, this is the only way to block sites on Edge browser. Maybe, the company introduces a better option for achieving the same thing in the future.

Additional information – This method also answer the following queries:

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Check out this YouTube video:

Find this workaround handy? If you’re facing any difficulties in blocking sites using host’s file method, then let us know in the comments we will love to assist you.

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          1. Thanks for the update, I have updated the blog post and its working fine at my end. You need to add the code as shown in the screenshot in the article.

            Also, make sure to relaunch the browser after adding the site in the host’s file. Give me the feedback.

  1. its bollocks lol cant you grasp the proof of the user ? this wont work so easy in win 10 , uninstall your linux , copywriter !

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