Chrome for Android Gets a New Autofill UI

    Chrome for Android is in-built autofill service which make it easier for the users to fill out forms from the information which you have saved in the browser with a single tap.

    Google has now refined Autofill service UI and makes it super easy to select passwords, addresses, card details, etc saved in the browser. Let’s take a look at what’s the difference between old and new UI.

    Chrome Autofill Old UI

    Chrome Autofill Old UI

    Chrome Autofill New UI

    Chrome Autofill New UI

    In the Chrome new Autofill UI, when you activate autofill service you will find three icons which include:

    • Lock icon for selecting your password
    • Card icon for adding payment method details
    • Map or balloon icon to fill your location details.

    Tap on the required icon and then fill the form.

    The Autofill new UI for Chrome is already available in Chrome in canary v85.0.4166.0. The feature is useful, especially when you have saved multiple details.

    What are your thoughts about Chrome new Autofill UI? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

    Thanks, Chrome Story for the news!

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