Chrome for Android to Get Long or Scrolling Screenshot Feature (Under Development)

    Google is working on adding a new feature called Long Screenshot or Scrolling Screenshot, which will allow users to take a screenshot of the full web page.

    Earlier, when the company added a Share menu on Chrome for Android. There’s an option to take a screenshot of the web page, edit it and then users can share it with their friends. But the Screen capture feature was limited to take a screenshot of the current screen.

    Now, this is changing according to this Chromium bug, as the developer behind Chrome for Android is working on adding a Long Screenshot or Scrolling screenshot feature which helps users in taking a screenshot of the entire page.

    As of writing this blog post, users have to take the help of a device option or a third-party app to make that thing happen, but not anymore.

    Starting with the latest version of Chrome Canary v88.0.4307.0, the developers has added a Chrome Share Long Screenshots feature flag with a description “Enable UI to edit and share long screenshots on Android“.

    Enable Long Screenshot feature in Chrome for Android

    In case, you’re interested in using the new feature, then here’s how you can enable it and later use it:

    Make sure, you’re running Chrome Canary v88.0.4307.0 or above.

    Next, launch the Chrome browser and visit chrome://flags. On the flags page, use the search bar to find the Chrome Share Long Screenshots feature.

    Chrome Share Long Screenshots feature

    Make sure, Chrome Share Screenshots flag is enabled.

    Using the drop-down change the settings from Default to Enable.

    Restart to apply the changes.

    At this point, you have successfully enabled the flag.

    Take Long Screenshot or Scrolling Screenshot in Chrome

    Visit any page of which you want to take full screenshot.

    Tap on the three dots icon and select Share to bring Share menu. Here, you will screen Screenshot icon, tap on it.

    Take Long Screenshot or Scrolling Screenshot in Chrome

    This will take the screenshot.

    As of writting this blog post, Long Screenshot feature is not working properly and not taking full screenshot. It is possible that feature is under development.

    Also, we’re not seeing any Scrolling Screenshot icon at the moment even in Share menu or in Screenshot mode.

    Whenever we can more information about this feature, we will update this article.

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