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Delete Photos on your Phone directly from ‘Your Phone’ App in Windows 10


Microsoft recently added lots of useful features to Your Phone app for Windows 10. Soon there will be a new feature that allows users to delete photos directly from the app on the go.

The feature is first spotted by Alumia on Twitter. He tested the feature in the latest update rolled by Microsoft to Windows Insider. You can check the following illustration to get an idea about how the feature works

Delete Photos directly from 'Your Phone' App

To delete photos on your phone linked to Your Phone app in Windows 10. Here’s what you need to do:

Head over to Photo which you want to delete, then click on the Delete option available on the upper right corner.

A quick dialog box will appear, click Delete photo button to complete the process.

Doing this will delete the same photo on the phone linked to Your Phone app in Windows 10.

The feature is useful when you’re working on your PC, and the phone is in your hands and you would like to delete the photo on your phone.

Additionally, Microsoft came with another small feature ‘Pin app to taskbar’, which allows users to pin the application to the taskbar for easy access.

FYI, Earlier Microsoft has added a handful of features which include Device Indicator, PiP mode, Copy Image to Text, Control Media, and even more.

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