How to Stop Cortana from Starting Automatically in Windows 10 v2004

    The following blog post has a solution on how to stop Cortana from running automatically when you login to your Windows 10 PC.

    How to Stop Cortana from Starting Automatically in Windows 10

    Starting with Windows 10 Version 2004, Microsoft added a new standalone Cortana app with lots of useful features. You can Download Cortana app from Microsoft store, from app settings you can update it, and even more.

    Cortana app starts automatically when you login to Windows 10. Although, the company added this behavior so that the app work properly.

    Stop Cortana from Starting Automatically in Windows 10 v2004

    Some users are not happy with this and would like to disable this. Fortunately, it is possible to disable Cortana on startup in Windows 10. You can use one of the methods discussed below to do that:

    Method One

    In Start menu search, type Cortana. When it appears in the results, right-click and select App settings.

    cortana runs at log-in

    Here in Cortana App Settings, scroll down to Runs at log-in and turn it off. You can also check this Video too:

    Method Two

    Launch Settings > Apps > Startup. On the right side, you need turn off Cortana.

    Disable cortana from startup using windows 10 settings app

    Method Three

    Right click on the Windows 10 Taskbar and select Task Manager.

    disable cortana startup task manager

    Here, you need to switch to Startup tab. Locate Cortana, right-click and select Disable.

    You can check this blog post, to learn how to remove Cortana app from Windows 10, if you want.

    What are your thoughts about new Cortana app in Windows 10? Why you want to turn it off from startup? Let us know in the comments.

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