How to Share Page in Microsoft Edge Chromium in Windows 10

    Microsoft has added lots of features from Classic Edge to its new Chromium-based Edge browser. One out of them is the Share feature. In this post, learn how to use it.

    How to Share Page in Microsoft Edge Chromium in Windows 10

    Microsoft recently released the stable version of its Chromium-based Edge browser and it is available for download for people all across the globe. To get started, the company has added lots of handy features to the browser and one out of them is Share feature. Another feature which the company has picked from its Classic browser.

    Share feature makes it easier for the users to share a web page opened in the Edge browser to another app quickly and easily. The option is available in the browser Settings and more menu.

    What actually happens is when you click the Share option, a quick dialog box will open, giving you various options to share the web page. You can:

    • Copy the web page URL to share it
    • Save as Cortana Reminder
    • Save it to OneNote
    • Attach it to a mail
    • Send it to the Android phone linked to your device via a Phone app.
    • Share it on various social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and other apps.

    In case, you want to try the Share feature in Microsoft Edge Chromium, then here’s how to use it:

    Share Web Page in Microsoft Edge Chromium

    1. Launch Microsoft Edge Chromium and open web page which you want to share.

    Microsoft Edge - Share option

    2. Click on (…) Settings and more icon. From the menu, select the Share option.

    microsoft edge chromium share dialog box

    3. A Share dialog box will open up giving you various options, select the mode by which you want to share the web page.

    It is expected that the company will add the share icon in the menu bar, like available in the classic Edge browser.

    Alternatively, you can also add a Share button to Toolbar

    Starting in Edge Canary 82.0.431.0, the company adds options in the Settings page using which users can add a Share button to Toolbar of Edge. It makes it easier for users to share a web page. Here’s how you can enable it:

    Click on Settings and more (…) > Settings > Appearance. Here turn on the option for Show share button.

    Add a Share button to Toolbar in microsoft edge chromium

    Now, if you click on the Share button available on the toolbar, then the same Share dialog box will open.

    In the meantime, What are your thoughts about this feature of Microsoft Edge Chromium? Let us know in the comments.

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    1. The share button is great, but when you select Outlook, it brings up a New Email window with the webpage link that is to be shared, but no signature appears in the New Email window… you have to add it. Would be nice when the default email app is opened with a New Email window that the signature appears too.

    2. send page by email featue in IE actuall built the webpage within th email body to send to someone, the share to outlook feature only sends the the webpage URL. is thera a way to “send page by email” as it was possible in IE?

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