How to Restart Firefox without Losing Opened Tabs

Sometimes you want to restart Firefox browser after installing add-ons or enabling feature using Advance preferences to complete the installation or activation. The process is simple, click Close (X) icon available on the upper right corner and then open it by clicking Firefox desktop or taskbar shortcut, right?

What if you’ve opened multiple tabs and you want to restart Firefox without losing tabs? It will be great right? Fortunately, it is possible and in this blog post we will share with you how to do that.

How to Restart Firefox without Closing Open Tabs

Firefox natively offer users two methods to quickly restart the browser without losing the tabs they have opened. Both method will help you in saving browsing session and save your time.

So without further delay, lets start with first method:

Restart Firefox from About Profile Page

On the Firefox browser, you need to visit about:profiles and hit enter to open About Profile pages.

How to Restart Firefox from about Profile page without losing Tabs

Here, you need to click on the Restart normally button available in the Restart box visible on the right side.

Restart Firefox from About Restart Required Page

If you don’t know Firefox browser also has a secret internal page from where you can quickly restart it. Here’s how to reach the page and restart Firefox

In Firefox address bar, you need to visit: about:restartrequired, and hit enter.

How to Restart Firefox from the about:restartrequired page without losing tab

Next, on the page you will find Restart Firefox button on the bottom right side, click on it.

As simple as that!

Whatever method you choose to open Firefox without losing tabs, following the steps will instantly relaunch Firefox browser with where you left it.

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