Instagram is Working on Adding Option to Change Chat Background Color

    If you’re bored with using the default chat background color on the Instagram app, then the good news is coming.

    Recently, we reported that Instagram is working on adding options “Get Messenger in Instagram” option in the app. It’s not the end, the company also working on adding a possibility using which you can change chat background color. The feature is already available in popular instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.

    Instagram is working on adding option to change chat background

    According to leaked pictures, the option to change chat background color in the Instagram app will be available on the Profile details page of the users or group. To change the Instagram chat background color, you have to:

    Tap on the DM icon available on the upper right corner of the feed.

    Next, select the user or group conversation whose chat background you wan to change and then tap (i)

    In the details page, there will be a new option called Color under Chat settings. Tap on it to bring the color menu and select the one which you want to set.

    As seeing in the leaked screenshot, the Chat color menu includes: Candy, Citrus, Berry, Mango, Aqua, and Color background. Apart from this, there’s a Start wars theme too.

    There’s no official information on whether Instagram is working on Chat background color or not. But it is possible that this possibility is a part of reason Facebook Apps integration.

    What do you think about Instagram Chat background color? Do you want this feature? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

    Thanks, Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a)for the tip 1 and 2

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