Fix – Microsoft Edge is not saving or remember website login password

Starting with Microsoft Edge v86 in the stable channel, the company has introduced lots of useful features like changing the New Tab Page background, Leaked Password alerts, and even more. Apart from the features, we get bugs too!

Microsoft Edge Password Manager is not remembering websites login passwords bug is back with Edge v86 in the stable channel. The bug isn’t new, back in July 2020, when we reported about this bug we didn’t get any solution from Microsoft. Unfortunately, we switched to Edge Canary and later bug automatically go away with latest update.

Fix - Microsoft Edge is not saving or remember website login password

Now users who have updated to Microsoft Edge v86 in the stable channel are reporting (even more on the same platforms) about the same issue. What actually happens is, whenever, you relaunch the browser and try to login any website password manager forgets the password you have saved already in your earlier sessions.

And if you visit the Saved password section on this page “edge://settings/passwords” you won’t find any saved passwords. Now if you save the passwords again, in the next session password manager forgets it again.

Same users also reported that, they haven’t enabled clear Cookies on exit option in Edge browser.

This is really an annoying bug that forces us to switch to another browser earlier. Now Edge users are experiencing the same with Edge v86.

Microsoft is aware of this bug and already investigating the issue. In the meantime, you can try the temporary workaround to fix the issue:

Launch Microsoft Edge browser, click on the Ellipse (…) icon and select Settings from the menu.

Switch to Privacy, search, and services tab. On the right side, head over to the Clear browsing data section and then select “Choose what to clear every time you close the browser“.

Directly visit the same setting page by going to “edge://settings/clearBrowsingDataOnClose

hosted app data

Here on this page, you need to make sure that Hosted app data option is not ON. This should ensure that you stay signed into your websites.

The workaround is working for majority of Edge users. In case, you’re unlucky, then last resort is to switch Edge Canary or Chrome temporarily.

Are you affected with Edge not remembering Logins bug? Does this solution worked for you? Do you know any other solution that fixed the issue? Let us know in the comments.

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