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How to Read Website Aloud in Android Using Google Go


Read website aloud on your Android phone? If this is what you are looking for? You must give a try to Google’s Go search app text to speech feature.

How to Read Website Aloud in Android Using Google Go
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Google recently updated its search app named Google Go. The company has introduced a new feature text-to-speech for reading site content. With this new feature, it is possible for the users to read websites aloud with a tap on a button.

The purpose of releasing this feature is to make the web more convenient for users living in developing countries. This feature is powered by the Google’s AI but light enough to use over the 2G cellular connection.

The company first released Google Go app back in 2017 as a part of the Google new apps developed for rising markets. The Google has already achieved the milestone in places like Europe and the United States, and now they want to do something for the users of developing countries.

How to Read Website Aloud in Android Using Google Go

According to the information shared on The Keyword, the new text to speech feature for reading websites is powered by the “natural language processing and speech synthesis AI” that let Google Go app to read website aloud in a natural voice by using minimum data.

Currently, the app can read website pages in 28 different languages, most of the languages are commonly used in India. This feature is useful for the people trying to learn new languages.

Here’s how to use Google Go text-to-speech feature to read website aloud:

1. Download and Install the latest version of Google Go from the play store.

2. Launch the Google Go app on your Android Phone.

3. Here on this screen, using the search bar at the bottom search and open the webpage you want to read out loud.

4. Next, tap on the Play (Colorful) icon available at the bottom of the screen.

google go text to speech

This will quickly load up the text to speech tool visible at the bottom of the screen, and it will start reading the website out loud.

In the text to speech toolbox, you can manage the following things:

  • Increase reading speed upto three times
  • Rewind and Forward speech
  • Play and Pause speech

Remember the Soundgeeko which was shut down back in 2015? For me, the Google’s Go text to speech feature is the best alternative to Soundgeeko.

Currently, the Google Go app is available in limited countries, and soon it will be available in more countries. Google also states that in the future they will add text to speech feature more Google products.

In case, you’re not able to download Google Go app on your phone due to geographical restrictions; then in the meantime, you can use Microsoft Edge read aloud feature to enjoy the ability to listen to website content.

What are your thoughts about Google Go text to speech feature? Find my this blog post on how to read website aloud using Google Go useful? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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