Google Duo now lets you share screen

    Google taking a step forward brought a new feature of Duo users. Now, users can share their screen while on a video call. You can simply select the screen sharing option and the other user(s) will be able to look at the content on your screen like pictures, videos, other applications monitoring through Google Duo.

    The screen sharing was previously available for Google Meet users, and has now taken roots over Google Duo. It was briefly announced in public by a Tweet from Google on 15th of Sept regarding same.

    screen sharing in google duo

    Unfortunately, there’s no information about how screen sharing interface will look like. But it is possible that there could a additional button on the duo call interface from where users can enable screen sharing accompanied by floating button or bar to pause or stop it.

    Its unclear whether company is going to add the feature by app update or sever-side update. Since, the feature is announced officially, keep checking for the latest version in play store and look for Screen sharing option or button in the call interface.

    Whenever we get more information about Screen sharing feature in Google Duo. We will update this article.

    As of writing this blog post, if you want to enjoy screen-sharing feature in messaging apps, then you have try Facebook Messenger and Skype.

    Isn’t it cool to look at an exclusive feature extended to our favorite app? Share your thoughts in the comment sections.

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